What people have the longest lineage of practicing veganism at the societal level?

I know a vegan couple that is raising their baby as a vegan. Being knowledgeable of evolution, I’m curious as to the health risks this implies. But I am not a nutritionist - I merely assume that there is gene expression associated with eating meat and animal products in general, and that this expression is critical during development. I have no specific examples.

Strong evidence of a society that has practiced strict veganism for a long period of time would seem to refute this. I found an article in The Hindu that suggests the villagers of Dah and Beema in the Himalayas have practiced veganism for over 5,000 years. I would obviously prefer to hear this from an anthropologist or other more credible source :slight_smile:

AFAIK, it’s ok to raise a baby vegan, so long as you still breastfeed it, and they may have to breastfeed a little longer than most people do, just to make sure the child gets enough nutrition. There was a thread a while back on a (completely dumbass) couple who wanted their child to be “100% completly vegan” and did not even breastfeed, because that’s milk, and milk is bad cause it’s not vegan.

Edit: Found the thread.