What percentage of "illegals" fly into this country?

I have heard it was 60%.

Is this tracked somehow?

I have flown to Europe many times and for all I know could have stayed permanently as long as I spent money there.

Nearly half of all illegal aliens enter legally, but overstay their visas, so it is entirely possible that many of them came in legally through international airports.

Yes, its ‘Come on In’ at the airports (tourists and visitors) and a different standard for migrants.

I find the whole topic of immigration nonsense.

I was thinking about illegals yesterday. In my brief 74 years on this cruel planet I have never been menaced or harmed by an ‘‘illegal’’. Several envious legal bosses and legal co-workers have threatened me over the decades and three legal, and legally elected, public officials have actually done me harm. But, no ‘’ illegal ‘’ has ever caused me the slightest consternation.

Yes, the use of the term “illegal” as a descriptor is dubious at best. They are “illegals” because they broke a law? Sooooooooo, why do we not use that term for all others who have broken a law at some point? By that definition Martha Stewart should be referred to as an “illegal”.

No, they are illegals because it is short for “illegal alien”. Pretty simple.

If you’re a tourist from a country that’s not on the visa waiver list, it’s nothing at all like “come on in”. Getting a US visitor’s visa is an unpleasant and expensive process.