What performers (movie, TV, sports) are forever ruined for you by their later actions?

I used to love watching The Cosby Show, and I thought “Bill Cosby: Himself” was one of the funniest stand-up routines I’ve ever seen. His wife’s pregnancy classes. The dentist. The drunk filling up his leg with booze. Now I can’t watch him because I see a rapist.

Chris Benoit was my favorite professional wrestler, and WrestleMania XX’s main event between Benoit, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels in which Benoit won the World Heavyweight Title was one of my favorite matches of all-time. Now, whenever I see him, I see a murderer.

What about you guys? Sorry for the dark topic.

The first episode of Roots with OJ Simpson playing a wise and respected father.

Bob Brozman. Bob Brozman - Wikipedia

An amazingly gifted musician who should have been far more famous. After the scandal surrounding his death I was never able to enjoy the music like I had before.

Same here. 35 years ago, my college girlfriend and I were playing his comedy albums all the time – that album, for sure, as well as routines like Noah, Chocolate Cake For Breakfast, etc. made us laugh so hard. I still think that they’re brilliantly funny, but I have a really hard time listening to them anymore.

I had a bunch of Michael Jackson songs in MP3 format, which I took off my playlists years ago, for similar reasons. (And, dangit, “Beat It” is still a great song, but I can’t hear it without thinking about what Jackson did.) Same thing with Gary Glitter’s “Rock and Roll Part Two.”

Mario Batalli

Cosby and Michael Jackson came to mind, but figured (correctly) that they’d already have been mentioned in the first 3 posts. Mario came readily to mind because I’ve been re-watching Anthony Bourdain’s shows (damn I miss him), and his NJ show with MB was one of my favorites (past tense).

I’m actually not much into Italian cooking, so his show wasn’t one I watched frequently, but he had good on-air presence, and I appreciated his efforts in social activism. But his patterns of financial abuse, sexual misconduct, and some of his apologies/non-apologies left us all feeling let-down.

OTOH, watching what happens to him in the Naked Gun movies has a certain schadenfreude charm to it. :smiley:

After hearing about the time Lin-Manuel Miranda stopped a live theatre performance (thus cheating his paying audience) to abuse an audience member who happened to be a politician he apparently dislikes so much that he cannot conduct himself as an adult professional and give the performance his audience paid to see, I refuse to partake in anything he’s involved in.

I know writers aren’t really covered by the OP, but I cannot pick up a Darkover book again after learning of MZB’s pedophilic activities. Not after having a pedophile for a parent.

Are you talking about the time Mike Pence went to see Hamilton? Because 1) the speech was given after the play was over and 2) Lin-Manuel Miranda wasn’t even in the theater.

Maybe you’re talking about a different situation, but I have a hard time believing Miranda actually interrupted a show to „abuse“ someone.

Personally, I’ve been finished with Shakespeare ever since he shoehorned that stuff into Julius Caesar about justified “patriots” using force to overthrow a government they don’t like. I don’t go to the theater for MAGA politics!

I’m okay with most of Michael Jackson’s music except for the songs that really stick out (“PYT - Pretty Young Thing”).

On a serious note, I can’t stand to listen to Ted Nugent anymore due to his turning into (or maybe having been all along) a racist shithead, and I’m pretty sure I’m done with Eric Clapton after his latest turn to antivax nuttery.

There’s an independent pizzeria here in my town that agrees with me on the former - they used to have a pizza called “The Nuge”, which consisted of pepperoni, sausage, bacon, and andouille all chopped up into tiny bits, mixed together, and scattered across the pizza. For a couple of years after, let’s say, January 20, 2009, it officially had no name whatsoever, and now it’s known as “The Jörf”, which I’m not sure is even a real word.

For some reason I hate Phil Collin’s “Sussudio” with a passion and even though I was a big fan of his music, I have done my best to avoid any of his songs since.

Speaking of writers I have hard time enjoying Arthur C. Clarke’s work after learning about his abuse of young boys.

Mel Gibson was one of my favorite actors in the 1980s and 1990s. Then came The Passion of the Christ, then came everything else. Now I can’t stand to look at his face.

And Van Morrison.

I thought I was done with Ryan Adams, but as it turns out, I don’t really like his current stuff anyway.

Jane Fonda. I refuse to watch any attempt at entertainment from a traitor.

I came to post this.

Oh yes. Mel Gibson was the first to come to my mind. And I used to really like him, from his earliest roles in Australian films through the Mad Max movies to his action comedies. Then came his drunken anti-semitic rampage and that “Christian” movie. He became the darling of the right-wing crazies, which totally disgusted me. He’s made films in recent years that have been considered worthwhile, but like you, I can’t stand the sight of him, knowing the ugliness beneath the surface.

James Woods. For decades he was one of the best, most intense and convincing actors around. Then a creepy personal encounter with him (I think I’ve told that story here) and his post-9/11 bank to the hard right, and then his vicious transphobic rants on Twitter soured me on him. At least in favorite movies like Nixon and Casino he’s just a supporting player, but Videodrome was a key touchstone movie in my life and it’s tough to revisit it.

Kevin Spacey as well. Loved The Ref, sad to lose it as an annual Xmas watch.

Mr. Clarke was cleared of these charges. Cite.

The idea of ever ceasing to enjoy Van Morrison is incomprehensible to me. I know about his anti-vax stance. I simply don’t care about it, even though it’s the complete antithesis of what I, myself, believe.

I wouldn’t be able to enjoy his music anymore if it turned out that he was a child molester or something. And that would crush me, because it would mean I couldn’t listen to it anymore without thinking about what he did. But the anti-vax shit, I can compartmentalize it out really easily.

Fuck, I was listening to “Astral Weeks” when I found this thread. His music touches my soul like nobody else’s. He’s a goddamn genius, even if he doesn’t grasp the seriousness of COVID.