What performers (movie, TV, sports) are forever ruined for you by their later actions?

He’s 100% correct.

Happy Days for jumping the shark.
(Not that it was exactly appointment television to begin with.)

Clint Eastwood, unparalleled at what he does, but I can’t really enjoy him after that empty chair speech.

Also, I haven’t been able to listen to one whole Boston song since Brad Delp did that creepy camera-planting thing and killed himself.

During my misspent collegiate days, I saw Nugent in concert at least 3 times. I hold him responsible for causing some of my hearing loss.

Now I’m pissed at myself for ever listening to that guy’s music and paying money to see him live in concert. He’s an absolute asshole.

Fortunately for me, the only concert that I think ever caused me any significant hearing damage was Motörhead, and Lemmy may have been an asshole, but he was a laid-back asshole who didn’t seem to have a hateful bone in his body.

Ted Nugent is from the area where my family grew up. My late Aunt used to hang with him in the garage, and my grandmother knew his wife when she ran a fitness studio. He’s always and forever been an asshole.

But god damn can he shred.

Lemmy and Motorhead were the cause of my hearing loss, as well. fistbump

It certainly didn’t help that it was a fairly small club in a converted warehouse and I was about 10 feet away from Lemmy. My ears didn’t stop ringing for about a day and a half and I drove home with the radio off because it was painful to hear things.

If I could do it all over again I wouldn’t change a thing. (Maybe I would’ve brought some earplugs.)

That’s very similar to my story, as well – I was in college in Madison, WI, and Motorhead was playing at a local gymnasium; we were about 10 feet from the stage (and from Lemmy, and from the amps). My ears rang for days, and I had a final exam in my marketing class the morning after the concert! :wink:

I agree about the earplugs; in 1985, wearing earplugs at a concert was really uncommon, and neither my friends nor I even considered that we might want to do so.

Most of mine have been named, but when I was in my teens, I though Don McLean was a very genuine, enormously talented singer-songwriter. I drifted away as my musical tastes changed but could stand to listen to his old hits (All three of them.) until the spousal abuse allegations, when I also learned he’s racist and egotistical as hell.

It’s not a new thing. He’s played golf for decades. I know someone whose dad used to play golf with him in the 80s.

I have read this whole thread and I honestly do not understand any of it. It must be exhausting to listen to the radio when you have to keep track of which artists are ok to listen to, and which ones did a terrible thing when they were 18.

I guess I’m alone (except, perhaps, with @kayT) in answering “none”.

If I love an artist’s work, I love it for a reason. That doesn’t go away when I learn that some aspect of the artist’s personal life is not what I had assumed it was.

I don’t mean to sound judgey, this is just how I feel.


He does the comic-con circuit once and a while, oddly enough, rare for a rock musician. I’ve heard that fans in the know will come to the autograph table with gifts of his favorite golf balls, which he appreciates much more than fans gushing about his gory concerts or anything similar.

Cooper is also a born-again Christian, which sometimes gives me pause with celebs if they turn judgy and preachy, but he doesn’t seem to proselytize, just kind of enjoys his faith privately from what I understand, so good on him.

I hate the song because it’s a rip-off of Prince’s music - 1999?..other than that, besides being a self-important little putz who informed his wife via e-mail he wanted a divorce, did Phil Collins do anything else repellent?

Well when he saw a man drowning, he would not lend hand…

I’m think I’m the exact opposite of you. I’ve never liked anything so much, movie, book, or song, that I could just ignore the crimes or “morals” of the performer. There is always new things to replace the old and I don’t feel I’m missing anything by not watching a Mel Gibson movie or not listening to a Ted Nugent song. It is, in fact, the very least I can do to show my disapproval of their actions. My entire effort consists of changing a radio station or tv channel a few times a year.

Doesn’t mean you’re wrong or I’m wrong, just a different way of looking at things.

What behaviors I’m willing to ignore seems entirely arbitrary to me. As always, it depends on context, but even that doesn’t really explain it. I won’t watch a Polanski film, but I enjoy Michael Jackson just fine. I guess it depends on if there’s something else in that artist that I connect with - I’m a big fan of Nietzsche, who was a raving misogynist, but I relate so much to his struggle to find meaning that the misogyny matters less.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with either response. People just have different thresholds with this kind of thing. What I do think is shitty is judging others for liking some thing because the creator is problematic. It’s one thing if the art itself is tainted by the views of the creator, but if it’s just some personal leaning that’s not relevant to the art, well, just let people enjoy their thing, I say.

And I’ll add Kevin Spacey to the list. It’s not a huge sacrifice or anything, but that’s one guy whose personality has eclipsed my enjoyment of his acting.

I remember years ago seeing Alice Cooper on Graham Norton’s show and he talked about how when he first got to Hollywood, he befriended old-time Hollywood types like Groucho Marx. I think they may have played golf together. I totally respect that; who wouldn’t want to talk to someone like Groucho and hear stories from back when in Hollywood.

I used to be a believer in relativity, until I heard that Einstein was a ladies’ man who cheated on his wife. Now it’s good old Newton for me. But then Newton believed in crazy stuff like Alchemy, which I guess nullifies calculus. So maybe I’ll go back to following the old greeks. But man, their society was problematic

Seriously, artists and performers tend to be screwed up in some way, and the real geniuses are often VERY screwed up. If I were to reject or ignore the work of every artist who had a screwed up personal life or did horrible things in the past, there wouldn’t be much left. There are a lot of actors I absolutely despise personally, but I can enjoy their work on screen. And there are actors who are apparently wonderful people yet leave me completely cold when acting.

There are people I used to enjoy and no longer do, but that’s more because either I changed or they did. David Letterman, for example, was my favorite comedian when he was young. But after he lost the Tonight Show gig he started to become a bitter old man, with a nasty edge to his humor. I stopped watching him before I heard about his special sex room for interns, simply because I no longer found him funny.