What person alive today, will be remembered 1000 years from now?

of course extremely hypothetical, and with remembered i mean as in “common knowledge”, Like Alva Edison or the like


Neil Armstrong

Stephen Hawking

Unless the country goes tits up I’d say that every US President will be remembered, at least to some extent (it will be a damn long list the kids then will have to remember). I agree with Neil Armstrong as well…I think that that will be something that is remembered, historically. Possibly the first man on Mars is alive today, and if so I think will be similarly remembered.


What person alive in 1011 is remembered today? I’m guessing that the answer to the OP is “Nobody”. There will be lots of people remembered by historians though.
ETA: Stephen King?

Depends on what you mean by ‘remembered’. Historians remember which Pope was in Rome, which king was in England and France, and various other personages. Heck, a quick Google search can help you or I ‘remember’ someone famous from that time.


Plenty of people are remembered from the past, and not only by historians or people with an interest in history.

From over a thousand years ago, Caesar, Nero, Mohammed, Charlemagne, and William the Conqueror, off the top of my head. More recently, the likes of Genghis Khan, George Washington, and Adolf Hitler are likely to be remembered by regular people 1000 years later.

As to who alive today might be remembered, I can’t even hazard a guess. Armstrong’s probably not a bad idea. Won’t be me.

It’s actually a good question, though. None of those were alive in 1011 (William comes close, but no cigar). Can you think of anyone alive in 1011 who is still well remembered by the typical educated layperson?

Justin Bieber.

Leif Erikson?

Yes, I just discovered that myself (crossposted in an edit). So that’s one. Any others?

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King Cnut and Edward the Confessor spring to mind. One thing to bear in mind is that there are pretty much no artists, authors, or composers whose names are remembered from that particular period. There are hundreds from much earlier periods, and obviously many thousands from just a few years later, realatively speaking. 1011 is just coming out of the Dark Ages, a period from which, in western Europe at least, very little has survived. There’s no reason to think the same will be true of the current era.

A look on the Wikipedia article for 1011 brings up several Chinese and Japanese people, and I suspect that those cultures may well remember more from that particular period than ours.

Oh, one more who should be known, Leif Ericson, the first person from Europe to sail to America was alive then. I had to check the dates though, not sure if many people would know it.

Per OP, “common knowledge,” equivalent to Edison’s recognition today. Not that he lived a thousand years ago, of course.

Very optimistically, I’ll agree on space pioneers as candidates. Every U.S. President, are you kidding? Not a chance in hell. Several of them aren’t common knowledge now; quite possibly none will be in 3011.

Avicenna, arguably.

I’m uncertain that’s relevant. Someone who lived over a thousand years ago and is still remembered fits, I think. Perhaps the OP will come back and clarify whether he meant exactly 1000 years ago, and if so, I’ll preemptively admit I got it wrong.

Leif Ericson is the clear winner, with three independent votes.

Avicenna comes next, because they came to my mind as well.

King Cnut and Edward the Confessor don’t count, because I know nothing about them. :slight_smile: (In fairness, I suspect this is a British vs. American divide, and, as noted, probably most long-lived cultures have some local figures from the relevant time period not well known elsewhere. Also, in fairness, probably the typical layperson on the street in America isn’t particularly familiar with Avicenna, either)

I may have a better winner, although I doubt most people are aware of when he was actually alive. The only problem is the exact year of his birth isn’t known.