What political system would you classify the SDMB as?

Peace, friend. We are all part of the Body.

It’s paradise. Paradise.

I vote with the other poster that said libertarian dictatorship. Allow others to keep their own liberty translates into the “don’t be a jerk” rule. But the moderators could be seen as benevolent dictators.

This is an example of extraordinarily Benevolent Despotism.
Please remeber that so that it can remain benevolent.

(There are times, of course, when I feel that the staff is simply acting in loco parentis.)

Please explain this “remeber” to me, so that I may be edified.

Hmm… what do you get if you throw Oligarchy, Despotism, Enlightened Benovolence, and Anarchy into a blender?

Corporate dictatorship. The minute the execs at the Chicago Reader decide that the game isn’t worth the candle, we’re history.

Divine Monarchy, obviously, as headed by our Glorious Leader Cecil Adams…

Others, of course, feel that sometimes they are simply acting loco. :slight_smile:

You must spank all of us.

From the replies so far, it is clear that we are at least a repressed society. Have any grassroots dissident groups formed yet? :stuck_out_tongue: When will the revolution begin?

To the extent that anyone has posted in seriousness (which I doubt), this has become a poll rather than a debate.

Off to IMHO.

It’s a Cecilocracy.

Oh what a giveaway! Did you hear that? That’s what I’m on about? Did you see him repressing me? You saw him repressing me, didn’t you?

indicating BrainGlutton 'e must be a king.

How do you know?

(you know, with all the goddesses and such, we can’t possibly be a democracy of any kind…)

'e 'asn’t got shit all over 'im!

Do we go to the next scene now?