what political views do I have now?

I was mostly liberal but have some conservative views along with some anarchy and libertarian views that I cannot pin point what I A’m any more.
So here is some of my views.

When it comes to war ,dealing with other countries and defence so on , I support Bush in fact he should have gone to war with North Korea and Iran long ago. What I don’t support is Iraq war.

I support strong army and don’t mess with my country.

Now on to domestic issues like poverty ,poor and Health care.I support a liberal government like Europe more left than the US.

On to abortion and gay and lesbian stuff now. Well abortion should be looked down on and any gay or lesbian stuff a more a centrist government and should be state better and NEVER a federal matter.

Now on to illegal immigrants they should be put in jail and never supported. And immigration and racial issues should be a centrit government , and end the politically correct stuf. I don’t support people being racist but politically correct stuff got to stop.
On to issues like sex ,drugs and prostitution , I suuport small goverment and there is no need for big brother telling people want they can or cannot do.
The prison system is not working and some thing needs to be done!! And I suppoert tough on crime ONLY if it is home invasion ,shooting ,gun ,stabbing,car chase ,rape or murder you can spend long a very lock time locked up.
So it seems I have mix of liberal and conservative thinking?

I also support confederate suppoters on basically the founding fathers wanted a decentralized government and limit the power of federal government over state rights and are very unhappy wih both the conserives and liberals.And confederate suppoters claim the civil war was over state right not slavery the founding fathers wanted a decentralized government

It can go both ways no matter people political view.The liberals complain of conservative government pushing god , anti-abortion and anti-gay rights , harsh drug laws.Well the conservative complain liberals pushing the opposite views!!!There should be more laws too restrict the power of federal government.
So base on this what A’m I on political views?

It seem 90% people in the US are not like me , they are left or right party. I seem to be mixed party and have some anarchy and libertarian views.

Yeah, I’m generally unmoved by what you say. Maybe if you break your views down by category and offer an in depth analysis of them one at a time? Then there may be something to talk about or criticize or whatever. But as it is I’d need a lot more depth on everyone of the points you make to think it is worth bothering over. So start with just one, give it a full analysis and see what happens.

Vaevictis the problem is I seem to have a bit of mix of both liberal and conservative thinking and I think some thing else may be anarchy and libertarian.

I agree I don’t fit 90% of people in the US that are right or left not mixed views.Most do not have mixed views.

How can you possibly know what 90% of Americans feel about all these different issues?

I think most people are a mix of views based on ideological persuasions and personal experience.

I support more funding for English and Composition in schools.

Considering Bush did go to war with Iraq and did not go to war with Iran or North Korea, in what way do you support Bush?

I don’t believe President Bush (the younger) argued for going to war against North Korea or Iran.

In any case, those would have been disastrous commitments, leading to nasty entanglements and conflicts that would have decimated the economies of both regions, and added another couple of trillion to our national debt.

War might end up being forced upon us, but we should never go out seeking it.

Anyway…you seem like a fairly typical American center-right mix. You exercise the right to pick and choose your issues. You don’t follow any single party platform, but make decisions independently. That’s kind of nifty, really. It indicates thoughtfulness and analysis. It makes it very hard to label you. This is probably good: who wants to be labelled?

Yes because that was for Obama to deal with or some one else on their watch.The trouble is in the future most likely if talks don’t play out with UN, the war with North Korea or Iraq will be really bad.

There have been previous threads about the political compass. If you want to figure out a label for your beliefs, you might try that quiz.

But that is not how the US electoral system works or any electoral system in the world .The US electoral system works on party line.And my views are more cross split of both.

My dad is very conservative when it comes to economics but more liberal on social issues.Where my mom is more liberal on economics but very conservative on social issues. This is some what more normal but still not so common.The electoral system does not work that way.My views seem more cross a mix of both.

No I would not vote for any party.In my view Bush was conservative when came to war,military defence ,trade but was liberal when it came to illegal immigration ,guest worker program and immigration.Also Bush and Obama sold America to wall street.

My views seem mix of both liberal and conservative.

Pick a party, any party.

Get involved with the party and be a vanguard of change.

You sound young, and you sound more Republican than Democrat. They are desperate to know what would please people like you: get involved and tell them. You can be part of the process that moves the party.

Of course, you’ll have to be patient and if you want to have any influence, you’ll need to take the time to write better (not meant as snark: that’s serious advice).


Base on my views that not how the electoral system works.You don’t vote two or three times.You vote for the party line.

You don’t have elections for separate issues like crime ,economics ,social issues ,trade so on.

I warn you, this will be long:

You are not uncommon. America is a giant spectrum from tree hugging libby lib to religious fundie righty and everything in between is represented by the populace.

As a reference line, I consider myself fiscally conservative and socially liberal. To me, this means that I will fight both for spending money to help the poor, needy, and to provide for social welfare…but I want it done on the tightest purse strings possible. I want as few individuals as possible to have to suffer a loss of liberty or suffer through hardship as a result of any action of business, government, group, or individual.

This is a part of my core belief set, and I’ll bet you have something similar. Most people tend to have a similar set of core beliefs, even if they can’t express it as such.

Now, if you extrapolate these statements into “political party” realms, I look like a schizophrenic. Second Amendment? Solid red. Welfare? Solid blue. First Amendment? Solid free expression for everything but direct threat (Or solid ACLU, I guess). Performance of Justice? Solid individualist. SSM? Solid equalitist (It’s a word, honest.) I could go on, but you get the picture.

That is how people think about it naturally. I’m sure there are people who believe every tenant of their selected party, but they aren’t the rule.

After this core set of beliefs, people weight the beliefs based on what matters most to them at that moment. For instance, a gay couple that desperately wish to get married could view same sex marriage as the highest priority. The family of an Army officer could view the pending Syrian invasion as their most pressing matter. In both cases, the person voting for Senator X vs Mr Z might both have the same views on each, but Senator X views same sex marriage as absolutely needed like right now and Mr Z could see keeping us out of Syria as absolutely needed like right now. Thus, people with the same views on many subjects can vote differently based on the issue they view as most important.

With all of this complexity, it can feel like you are alienated. But remember that this is the internet. You can find honest discussions of most topics in a lot of places. (And a lot of complete crap. Try to avoid that.)

To conclude, I recommend three things:
-Get active within the party that most closely resembles your core values (even if it’s only like 36% represented vs 24% represented) as was previously stated by Dr Drake.
-Remember that people with different views are also people and people can be dumb, wrong, and stupid (especially yourself :slight_smile: ). Be patient with them if you disagree. It helps cover ground that you may miss in a rage or hate filled argument/discussion which will allow you understanding.
-When you go to vote, even if you are directly involved with one party…By all means vote for the person you think will be represent your ideals. Get the public voting records and go “How would I have voted for this issue” and then compare between them to see who fits you best. Don’t live by sound bites, even when you are crazy busy and realize that sometimes it’s the lesser of evils you vote for and you don’t like any of the options.

A lot of Americans mess is the scopes of the federal government got too big now and Bush and Obama want to make it bigger yet.This is why so many confederate supporters are upset about the government.The federal government role was for defence ,immigration and commerce.Things like gays ,lesbian and abortion is state better not a federal matter and never should be.Same with healthcare and crime.

Things like education is county matter.

This is what I like.More decentralized government and bit more direct demoracy at state and comunity level.

On election day not a problem!! I probably like more conservative federal government and more centrist government on state better.

But that not the case how it works today.

Sounds like you’re an expensivist.

There was never an ideal mix of federal and state power. The founding fathers argued extensively, as did the original member states, and the constitution left a lot of it up to their legacy to figure out.

Now, we are well into a more federal approach to things, but why is this bad? I do disagree with the fact that it’s a huge bureaucracy, with attached costs and I’d like to cut some of that cost down. But why is centrally managed and administrated programs with local controls for variations of need a bad thing?

This declined in the last 100 years because voters stopped participating locally. As the populations of areas went up, voting participation fell. We’d have to get a revival of local community participation or activism to make this work out well.

Then vote for politicians that share those ideals. Remember what I said about the lesser of evils, though. An R isn’t always a small government lover.

What do you mean.

What do you mean the constitution was not clear? The founding fathers feared too much centralization of government would be like the UK. And the point of democracy would be question.Is it true democracy.

Stop looking at it from moral point of view.Your support big federal government to tell the state what they can or cannot do.You are looking at it from moral point of view that slavery was bad. And well yes slavery was bad.But you don’t realized it can go the other way.If you allow the federal government to tell the state what they can or cannot do.What to stop new Bush in the future banning gays and lesbian in all states or pushing god in all states!! You can’t pick and choose what you think is morally right.

It like saying well person did shoplifting and trigger happy cops all shot the man that had no weapon that send the cops to hell for that!! Well little did people know that guy was planning to do a mass shooting at the mall the next day.By shooting the guy they stop a mass shooting at the mall.

The world does not play that way.By allowing the feds to tell the state what they can or cannot do , base on modern morality that slavery was bad , you than open the pandora box for all kinds of unforeseen things.And if you keep allowing the federal government more power in the future :o:oyour liberals may find new Bush trying to ban gays and lesbian in all states or pushing god in all states or banning abortion all states!!

Of course I can. And do! We all do! That’s why there are controversies like abortion, gun rights, gay marriage, the death penalty, privacy, and welfare. We all are involved in the great collective debate that creates a new consensus, day by day.

It could happen. The abolition of slavery happened…and so di the prohibition of alcohol. Democracy is messy. We have to get along, but it doesn’t always work, as the events of 1861-1865 painfully remind us.

If the federal government were weak, and the states’ governments were strong, then the states would be shoving their power around over cities and counties. If city government is strong, then the individual neighborhoods get stomped on. If the neighborhood ward boss is strong, then the individual citizens are at risk.

We have to get out there and fight for the changes we think are best for us all.

It’s self-government. There isn’t anybody “outside” who can tell us what’s right. We have to decide for ourselves.

Drugs and alcohol go under commerce so need federal government.Unless you can prove it does not go across state lines.Like you can go to bar or place to smoke pot but you cannot sale it to public so they can cross state lines.

The way it was supposed to work is each state pass its own laws be it crime or abortion, gay marriage, the death penalty so on.The federal government deal with immigration ,defence ,large disasters and commerce.The way the federal government can get around the FDA and war on drugs is because it is commerce.It can cross state lines.But things like abortion, gay marriage, the death penalty so on is state matter.

The nature of how US constitution is set up is very different than the UK and Canada.Where states have power to have their own way of doings things their own law.The federal government is very limited of power.This all change doing civil war and FDR and today is changing more where states have less power.And more centralized government.