What positions have never been advocated on the SDMB?

What positions have never been sincerely advocated by posters on this board? Among the more extreme sorts I’ve seen here are
[li]white supremacists/separatists[/li][li]advocates of consensual sex between adults and children[/li][li]moon hoaxers[/li][/ul]
(Links available upon request.)

I am interested in those positions that (a) concern issues important enough to have threads devoted to them on the SDMB, (b) serve to unify subcultures in the general population (e.g., advocacy groups), and © can be advocated here without running afoul of the moderators.

Right now, the only example I can think of satisfying these criteria is Scientologists. I don’t recall ever seeing a professing Scientologist posting here. But there must be others that I’ve missed.

We had one who ran screaming into the night when, at the end of the fourth or fifth go-round someone quoted Cecil and he finally realized that Cece recognized L. Ron as a fraud.

I don’t remember whether that was in '99 or in the last year of the AOL board. (Given that I think it was McCaffertA that was busting his chops, it was probably on AOL.)

Despite being the subject of a staff report, I don’t think we’ve had an advocate for the Aquatic Apre theory.

There’s been at least one full-on Marxist. I find it interesting that there’s been only one that I’ve observed, considering how popular Marxism used to be, even up until the 1980s. I suppose it collapsed with the Berlin Wall.

There have been anti-semites and white supremacists, as you mention, but none who have openly advocated their position: it’s all been done by insinuation.

How about Holocaust denial? I don’t think I’ve seen that here.

No, I definitely remember at least one. I think that column prompted one to start a thread in CSR.


Hardly advocacy, just a call to fight ignorance. :slight_smile:

No, not that one. It was much older, years and years ago.

Unfortunately the search function is not turning it up for me.

At least one.

Tho I do seem to remember some other “discussions” in the pre pay2post era.

I’m going to assume that there are no Flat Earth Society members with SDMB subscriptions. And, by the nature of the board in general, nobody from the Lead Pencil Society is ever going to post either.

We had one advocating abolishing farming world-wide. We also had a pro-incest one. If those can be done, then I think most have been tried.

However, some people enjoy sport debating and will sometimes pick one of the most unpopular stances they can think of and see how well they can do with it.

I believe there was a Flat Earth thread by a famous troll early in the history of this board (and before my time), but this has vanished in one of the board upgrades.

I am sure there has been little if any witnessing on the part of the Amish. :slight_smile:


I will happily spout all manner of obnoxious propaganda in support of Sigurd Rascher’s philosophy of saxophone playing, in the unlikely event anyone gives a wet slap.

I did a joke thread on the Pleistocene Pussy Cat theory…which is of course a take off on the AAT. I can’t find it now though.


Actually, I think I remember a Great Debates thread by a quasi-white supremacist. It wasn’t a “All non-whites suck! Blacks commit crimes and Mexicans are lazy!” It was more of a “I feel that America has too many immigrants and as a result has lost its culture” kind of thing.

Like I said, he didn’t outright hate non-whites (or, if he did, he made it seem he didn’t) he just didn’t want them in America.

There was an invasion from a white supremacist board some years ago. Most were banned in pretty short order for trolling, but one or two managed to stay within the posting rules in Great Debates for some time before being banned or leaving. I don’t think they tried to disguise where they were from.

I think there were several invasions, one which was precipitated by one of our members posting an open invitation for them to come here and defend their views. With luck, that won’t happen again. Some were quite open and blatant about white supremacy, as you noted.

I’m pretty sure that some of them were holocaust deniers.

The less blantat supremacists are the ones starting threads about “genetic branching” and right of people to “branch”.

As for the OP, I don’t think we’ve had any al Qaeda supporters posting here. I’m surprised no one mentioned that yet.

Aldy (my post is my cite)? I’m not sure if he was a SUPPORTER, but at various times he certainly seemed sympathetic (to the idea of Arab nationalism at the very least).

I don’t remember any flat earth threads.


There’s always the rumspringa … in theory one could!

Has there ever been Church of Satan? Alcohol prohibitionists? New Coke fans…?

Arab nationalism, yes, but al Qaeda’s agenda is quite different from that. Aldy never advocated Islamic Theocracy.