What powers did the president and chancellor of Germany have in the Weimar Republic

someone recently said the chancellor in the Weimar Republic was like the secretary of state in the current US government. is that true? was it more of a position focused on foreign issues, if. so how did the chancellor pass laws due to domestic unrest like the burning of the reichstag?

what powers did the president and chancellor have in the Weimar Republic, and what powers do they have in the current German government?

President: ceremonial head of state but also supreme commander of the armed forces, and entitled to nominate and dismiss the Chancellor, and in emergency to issue laws by decree.


Chancellor: head of government, setting government policy and legislative proposals, in consultation with ministers. Given the political/electoral system and the number and breadth of parties needed to assemble a majority in the Reichstag, and form an effective government, this was not an easy task, hence the resort to Presidential emergency decrees in the opening and closing years of the Republic.


The postwar Federal Republic reduced the powers of the President (and introduced an electoral system less favourable to minority parties).