What President would handle this best?

I think GW is doing a fine job during this time of War (yes, WAR!). But lets say we could have any President from US history in charge during this crises, who would be best?

I gotta say Reagan, followed by Teddy Rossevelt, and then Ike. I say Reagan first because he dealt with these types before. What say you?

Abraham Lincoln dealt with probably the greatest crisis in U.S. history and came away with a victory. He’s my choice.

Gotta throw in a vote for poppy Bush, because he had more international diplomatic skills than most presidents; which he showed in the Gulf.

Teddy would try to annex Afghanistan. I love him, but not for this situation. Might as will pick Andy Jackson; now there’s a diplomat.

Ike, Truman, Lincoln, Taylor.

Japan too!

I gotta say FDR, Slick Willy, Honest Abe or Thomas Jefferson.


Teddy Roosevelt? Yeesh, scary.

Perhaps Lincoln, but it’s hard to say.

I would really like to have Regan here just to give the speeches . . .although I suppose Lincoln or FDR could do that just as well.

Of the recent presidents, I’d vote for Clinton and Nixon, in that order.

Going to iconic figures, give me Jefferson and Lincon, in that order.

I’d vote for Eisenhower and Truman. They were serious men who know how to do what had to be done.

President Colin Powell would handle this best.

Another vote for Lincoln. Especially for the speechmaking. Nothing Reagan did can even come close to what Lincoln could say (although I suspect many people on this board listened to Reagan personally, while Lincoln is confined to history texts). FDR would have been another good choice, due to his diplomatic skills, as well as an ability to inspire the people.

TR would have tried to annex Afghanistan, yes. It would be a fairly straightforward solution, at least <grin>. Clinton would have been good as well… no matter what else you think about the guy, he was a master politician in all arenas.

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mswas wrote:

You mean, when he barfed all over the Japanese Prime Minister?

I would give my vote to FDR. He had the ability to kick ass while assuring the American public that everything was all right. Of course, there was less media pressure back in WWII and people tended to trust the government and the military more, but I still think that FDR would be the right man for the job.

God, not Reagan! He’d probably lob a nuke or two around!!!

I’d have to say FDR or Clinton. And I know I’m gonna get shouted down, but Carter. Just because his personal character is above reproach. He’d do the right thing-not necessarily the popular thing-whatever that may be.

William Henry Harrison!

Seriously, as a Reagan lover, I still must disgaree with him. The first week of the crisis I thought that as well, but stepping back, I think he may be a little too heavy handed to solidify a coalition. FDR comes to mind.

More and more I see, I am pretty comfortable with Bush. He’s a decent man who’ll listen to his A-list advisers and make a solid choice.

You guys are right. You’re all right.

And don’t forget George Washington. This was the guy that
people like Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson wanted in charge during the revolutionary war, and immediately after.

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I suppose if he could be halted from spreading the war to Tajikistan, Nixon would be interesting. I don’t think Clinton would do anything at all unless we found some way to have Monica to be deposed before congress again (are there any aspirin factories in Afghanistan?). But I’ll cast my vote for a man with experience not only in military leadership, but also military politics, Ike Eisenhower.

TR would probably have to be dissuaded from going into battle himself. I’d go with John Kennedy, because of the way he handled of the Cuban Missle Crisis.

For the military aspect I think it’d have to be someone from the last twenty years or so, since this is definitely not going to be conventional warfare. Someone like Lincoln or Washington would be amazed that the planes got in the air in the first place. That said, we could definitely use some “fireside chat” type of rhetoric, so I’d pick FDR for rallying the public.

As for the actual commander-in-chief stuff, I would pick Clinton, since he’s actually got experience in going after bin Laden. Though he’d have a hard time in getting the extremists on both sides to back him, plus he’d probably be too afraid to upset coalition partners. Bush Sr. would be the best as far as cabinet strength goes.

For my fourth pick I’ll go with Corey Dillon, I think the Bengals are gonna collapse after week 6, but he should still run up some good stats.

Dillon is great, but give me Earl Campbell.

“You’re dead. You’re all dead.” - Frank Sinatra

I’m surprised that no one has mentioned Eisenhower, who after all was the supreme allied commander in WWII.

And, judging by the highest approval ratings of any President in history, you’ve gotta think about including George W. Bush. (-: