What prize would you not accept?

Contest, game, whatever - you just won a prize. You cannot get its cash equivalent, you cannot transfer it to someone else (like a trip or a house), you can’t finagle any other sort of deal. You either take the prize or forfeit.

What would you forfeit?

For me it would be a beach resort vacation. I can’t imagine a more boring waste of my time. I don’t like the beach all that much, I hardly drink, and I don’t like hammocks. Honestly, that sort of thing would be more torture than relaxing. In fact, I don’t think I’d want any resort package.

I’d probably also pass on a house if I didn’t love the location. I might even refuse a car if I couldn’t deal with taxes and maintenance costs (no Ferrari for me, thanks!)

Does anyone still give away a lifetime supply of Rice-a-roni? I could deal with that… :smiley:

Concert tickets for any solo act or band who is new in the last 20 years: heck perhaps even 30.

I don’t know your songs. I don’t like your music and I would be bored silly.

A boat.

Fun for 0.5% of the time you own it, a pain in the ass the other 99.5%.

Ah, yes, tickets. I posed this one to my spousal unit and he agreed that if offered Super Bowl tickets, he’d decline. Tho if Dallas was playing, he might reconsider.

I recall once upon a time many, many years ago, one of the big game show prizes was a fur coat. That would be a definite no for me. But I don’t think anyone does that any more.

Virtually any event not being held in my home town, if transport is not included. Just the hassle of going somewhere is probably more than the enjoyment of it even if the event itself is free.

A cruise, my idea of hell. I’d give it to my wife though. She and my son like the idea of it but my daughter and I have always said that we’d bugger off to Italy while they “enjoy” their cruise. (I rather suspect they’d find it too much after a couple of days)

True story, I won 2 tickets from a major airline to fly round trip anywhere in the continental United States.
Never used them, since at the time I had a high-risk pregnancy. The airline wouldn’t offer cash value, and they weren’t transferable.
Ended up not using them, and had to pay taxes on their value the following year.

Oh well, still a happy ending - my son! :slight_smile:

My hubby’s boss once offered him tickets to the Alouettes (local CFL team). He answered something like: “Thanks for the thought, but for me, this would be kind of a punishment!”. Same for me, football or just about any other sport. In some cases I might go once… if the arena or stadium looks architecturally interesting. :smiley: But certainly not a testoterone-based event like football, combat sports, crossfit or those gladiator-style contests (Titan Games, etc.).

If I got free tickets to a concert, it would have to be somebody I’m really into. I’ve been to only a couple of rock concerts in the 1990s, I’m glad I went but it wasn’t exciting enough to do it often.

Free tickets to a rave, white party, beach party: nope, even when I was still young and attractive enough to participate.

Free tickets to a reptile (or insect, or arthropod) petting zoo. :smiley:

Free tickets to a political rally, or some religious event.

Oh, this thread made me realise there’s a few other types of tickets I’d reject:

Tickets to a muscle car show, motorcycle show, monster truck event.

Tickets to a boating or hunting show.

Tickets to a gun show.

Heh, we are polar opposites. I just returned from two weeks in St Martin. Most days were spent laying on beaches under an umbrella. I never went into the water past my knees, and my primary activity was reading and drinking rum punch.

I’ve turned down offers to tour Gemany, the U.K., and Iceland in recent years. I’d rather use the time to lay on a beach.

A friend of mine won a very nice sports car a few years ago that he didn’t want. It was a pain in the ass. He had to get a short term loan to pay taxes on the prize, arrange insurance so he could drive his car home, then he had to arrange the sale of a “used” car with under 100 miles on the odometer. It all worked out ok in the end, but was a pain.

I would decline anything that is an overall obligation to me. A “free” time-share or the vast majority of trips would set off huge warning bells for me. I also don’t to pay greatly inflated taxes on something that is vastly overvalued and may not even include everything even if it is legit. I know how to find cheap travel on my own thanks and I already have more free plane tickets than I can use. I do know that it doesn’t typically cost $5000 for two people to visit Arizona for a week. The Price is Right and other game shows must use the worst travel agents in the world.

Animals, I guess? I have enough pets as it is, and I wouldn’t know what to do with cattle.

I was home sick the other day, and was subjected to daytime tv. I think it was The Price is Right.

Any way ‘Door #1’ was a Fiat Spyder convertible.
‘Door #2’ was a Jet Ski.

Oh, I’d take em, and sell em.

I live in the mountains. The Fiat wouldn’t be able to get to my house 6 months out of the year. I hate convertibles, and at 6’3" and 220#s I doubt I could fit in the thing.
I love dirt bikes, but hate jet skis. The one time I did it, the ocean was so rough it was like having someone spray a hose in your face.

The OP specifies that you can’t transfer it to someone else.

A cruise is my idea of hell, too. I would be like yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

You’re not kidding we’re opposites! Spousal unit and I are planning a trip to Iceland (next year, I hope!) Caveat - if the tours were in a group on a bus, I’d pass, but to go where I can set my own agenda, you bet!!

Fine. I wouldn’t want you on the ship with me anyway! :stuck_out_tongue: I would decline a Caribbean cruise, tho. Been there, done that, too much beach stuff, and the steel drum music gets old after about 15 minutes. But most other destinations, oh, yeah!

Oh. Can’t sell it or transfer it ever? Hmmm. Still wouldn’t take the Fiat or the Jet Ski.

My gf did Iceland a few years back (with friends from work; I turned own the offer). She had a wonderful time and is planning a repeat trip.

ETA: they hired taxis for transportation and touring. Prices were reasonable.

We were there just last October and had a great time. We found that taxis were extortionate. We hired a car for 5 days for less than the price of a one-way taxi from the airport to the city and having the car to explore was great fun.

This. Absolutely this. House arrest with sea sickness and diesel. Even a cross channel ferry drives me up the wall.