What profession has the lowest suicide rate?

What proffesion has the lowest suicide rate?

Rulers of countries?
Sure they get assassinated a lot but not many of them commit suicide in office. Granted there is not a lot of them around the percentage of the whole group that commit suicide in a given time frame has got to be lower then most professions.

I have heard that the professional fellatio-receivers of northern Cameroon have a very low suicide rate.

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I always heard it was dentists.

Yeah, dentists sure don’t want to die. They’re afraid of suddenly being on the receiving end of their practice. :wink:

Hmm, I always heard dentists had the highest suicide rate. Something to do with nobody liking them.

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lol NOT MINE thats for sure!

I’ve read that it is clergymen (and women).

Blue collar workers in general, Construction in particukar.
I KNOW you said professional.

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Q) What profession has the lowest suicide rate?

A) How about being Pope?


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Why didn’t you fix that one for me, Nick? :slight_smile:

Astronauts have the lowest suicide rate, though they do get high on occasions, followed by a spirling decline, leaving them in a great depression.

I wonder what the suicide rate for nuns is?

I had a counselor that offed himself. I often wondered if it was something I said.

An interesting question, Daniel. At the other end of the scale, you can find the answers to highest suicide rate in Cecil’s Mailbag:

I don’t know about lowest, but I’ll see what I can find. I suspect the data won’t be meaningful. You might be able to compare two specific professions, anyone compiling statistics will have necessarily determined a fixed number of professions to be included. The professions suggested by Torgo and funnee, for instance, would probably not have been chosen as categories, but would have been lumped in “miscellaneous other.”

Ain’t it fascinatin’ how many people read this as “highest” suicide rate? and isn’t it interesting how many “I read somewhere” and “I heard” we got, with incorrect answers? A good reminder to take what the teeming millions tell you with some salt.

Cliff divers, fire eaters, sword swallowers, stunt drivers, mountain climbers, and bullfighters. At least none of the deaths are proven conclusively to be suicides.

My guess would be Cruise Ship Raters…you know, those people whos job it is to go on cruises, rate the food and service, etc. MAN is that a great gig or what???

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Prozac quality control tester.

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Presidents of the United States. Ain’t a single suicide amongst them.

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