What qualities make for the best lover?

There is another thread in this forum that asks the question:

“Is sex with an attractive person better than with an unattractive person”?

I think a more interesting and possibly more useful thread could be:

“What qualities make for the best lover”?

The greatest lover I have ever had was not at all particularly attractive. But she kept things going very slowly. Slowly … Slowly … Slowly …

Right up to the moment before orgasm. Then, the orgasm came with all the power of at least double or triple a normal orgasm.

I never experienced anything like that before or since.

How about you?

Inability to produce children.

Was that you Charlie?

By far and away it’s got to be enthusiasm.

I’d say that the ability to pay attention and adjust what they’re doing based on whatever feedback they’re getting is probably paramount. Enthusiasm isn’t good if they’re doing it wrong and not adjusting/getting better.

Closely followed by enthusiasm and adventurousness though.


And then you get a broken wiener. I would suggest not googling that.

Yes, absolutely, but I would still put enthusiasm at the top of the list. I don’t think they will be interested in feedback if they are not enthused in the first place!

But yes, for men, it’s definitely LISTEN. I can’t tell you how many men have told me “I’m a great lover, I can go all night long.” Yeah, that’s not what women want, that just sounds painful and uncomfortable, and besides, just because you’re a great lover with Suzie doesn’t mean you’re a great lover. Women are not all cut from the same cloth! You can’t use the same techniques!

I value a quality where I feel the emotional response matches the physical response. The foreplay starts at the begaining of a date or when you wake up in the morning. Tecnique is always nice but no substitute for having your head and your heart in the right place first.

I once knew a guy who amazed me because he seemed to sleep with a different lady every night.

I asked him what his secret was and this is what he told me.

“From the moment you start making love, never stop moving. Use every part of your body that can move and move them over your partner’s body”.

I asked him just what parts of his body he was referring to and he said:

“Both hands. Both arms. Both feet. Both legs. Your lips. Your tongue.”

He was just an average guy - not an acrobat or a contortionist. I never understood how someone could move all those body parts at the same time.

Begs the question - if he was so good, why did he have to sleep with a “different lady every night”?

No repeat business?

I think you’ve omitted some steps there, CW.

Knowing what to do with the fish is the easy part. Catching it is a different story! :smiley:

Sleeping with a different lady every night - that is, the acquisition of all those women - has really not much to do with how good of a lover you are. Getting the girl into bed requires different skills than pleasing her in bed.

God knows they don’t always match up.

That’s what chloroform is for.

I am not a fish, I am a lady. : walks away primly :

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