what r those pins

hi, what are those pins called used on brakes on ford cars? Are they called cotter pins?

If it is a 1975-79 Ford, they are called Welcome Back Cotter Pins.

I thought she was asking about fnord cars, so I was unable to see the question…

ginny –

I don’t know about the Ford brake pins you want but a cotter pin is a particular type of fastener. It looks sort of like a bobby pin – you insert it through a hole and bend the legs back to keep it from sliding back out. It’s usually used to keep a part from moving along a shaft.

To find the name of the pins you want, go to the library and look at the Chilton’s manuals for your make/model/year of car. They are in the reference section, Dewey Decimal 629 something. Or take one with you to the auto parts store and tell them where you found it.

p.s. Maybe you should just put it back where you found it! Does your dad know you’re playing with his car?

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