What real person has been portrayed the most in movies?

In today’s CNN article on the latest Sherlock Holmes movie, it says that Sherlock Holmes holds the record for the most portrayals of a fictional character:

So the obvious question now is, which real person has been portrayed the most in the movies?

Perhaps Jesus (303 hits on Imdb) or Hitler (264 results)? A bunch of those are TV movies/shows but it’s still a long list.
Actually Napoleonis up there too, with 323 hits. Again, several of those are from TV but it would take too long to go through them one by one.

JFK was the first name to pop into my head but IMDB says only 73

And several of the entries on the list are for fictional characters named Napoleon, not the historical emperor of France.

I’ve heard numerous times that Dracula holds this record…although usually in his fictional undead form. NYU’s Film School even has an entire course dedicated to him.