What recent nut cases have your run across?

I was at the checkouts at Walmart today, where I met a nut. I heard a woman yell “Backup away from me, your too close!” She was standing at the self-help checkouts, and the closest person was ten to 15 feet away at the time. Was it Topper? (old reference to ghost in books and then movies) Was she delusional? Did she have an extremely large personal space, that we all violated? Was she extremely slow witted, and yelling at somebody from 30 minutes earlier? What bizarre behavior have you witnessed recently, or whenever?

Recently, I was at the library in Nice (my hometown), looking at the DVD’s and making my choice, when suddenly a woman told another one very loudly : “Your nails are dirty… You’re dirty… I can see the dirt under your nails from here… How do you dare touching the DVDs ?”. This woman seemed really nut. I wouldn’t have answered, and I went away quite quickly after hearing that, but the woman she was talking to was answering her ! She told her : “I beg your pardon ? Who are you to tell me this?” etc. I was really :eek: by this scene, it was really strange

Well, I came across this a day or two ago. Pretty bona fide nutcase IMO.

Today at work there was some guy standing all hunched up with his chin tucked into his chest. I kept calling “Sir… sir can I help you?” but then realised he was mumbling to himself “the communications device is ineffectual” and other things like that. He did eventually order. I swear he was twitching as he walked away. That was pretty weird.

I run a small conference center/meeting space in a hospital. Thusday a woman came in looking for her meeting. It wasn’t on thr day’s list, and she couldn’t tell me what the meeting was called. But she INSISTED that the meetining had been taking place “every week at 8 AM Thursdays in that room right there”, as she pointed at the room right next to my desk.

So we started looking thru past Thursday schedules, so I could find a title and search for the next meeting – even though I knew there was only one regular meeting at that time, and she insisted that wasn’t the one.

There was no such meeting. We went back as far as May. As she left, we were both shaking our heads – probably for the same reason, each convinced the other was an idiot. The difference is – I was right. :slight_smile: Who attends a meeting every week and doesn’t know what the meeting is called? Nor, for that matter, did she know who else attended on a regualr basis.

One day, earlier this summer, I was at work behind the bar. This really shifty-looking guy came in, asked me all kinds of questions about what drinks we make (hello, it’s a bar…we make just about everything). Finally, he ordered a draught beer. He took about three seconds to suck it down. Then he said he wanted a shot.

“A shot of what,” I asked.

“What kind of rum do you have?” he said.

“Well, I have Bacardi in several flavors, Parrot Bay, Captain Morgan…”

“Oooh! I’ll have a shot of Parrot Bay!”

I’m thinking, a shot(??) of Parrot Bay? :rolleyes: So I give it to him, he downs it, then asks if we have peppermint candies (the kind that are white with a red spiral stripe around it). I told him they were kept up by the front register.

He goes and gets one, then asks me if I can give him a glass of water. Sure.

He takes the candy out of the wrapper, drops it into the water, watches it sink to the bottom, then tells me that this is his favorite drink. :dubious:

Not long after he begins to sip his “Peppermint Candy Water,” he begins to tell me and anyone else within earshot that “there are many many many ways to kill a person.” Apparently, one can torture, shoot, stab, drown, smother, strangle, run over, and poison a person to death. I don’t think he was finished with his list when he fell asleep leaning on the bar.

I was at a blues club a few weeks ago. There was one guy who seemed perfectly normal in every other respect, and was not drunk yet. Except he stood right in front of the band, and flailed around as though he were spastic, or having a seizure of some kind. It wasn’t dancing, it wasn’t rhythmic, it wasn’t pretty. I don’t know how the folks in the band could keep a straight face. Eventually, the guy got drunk, and flailed backwards onto somebody’s table. I believe he was discreetly escorted off the premises then. I kinda wonder how he got home, because he was in no shape to drive, and the club is miles from anywhere.

I was walking outside my office the other day when a woman shouted at me, “You have to weat a hat and skirt on the street, ma’am!” She was wearing a hat and a skirt, so I thanked her for her advice.

A friend and I were getting out of our car in a super market parking lot last week, just talking about random things, when this woman walks up behind us and joins the conversation. She walks right next to me all the way into the door, from the car to there I learned she had two sisters, where they lived, the color of their hair, financial stability and living arrangements. I had never seen her before in my life. We ducked her throughout the store.

Are you implying no top?

How did you eventualy get paid? Did you have to riffle the wallet? Did he wake up?

Oh, he paid as he went. He was weird from the get-go so I mentally labelled him as a walker and didn’t even offer to run a tab.

I went to the manager and told him there was a guy freaking me out at the bar. I asked the manager to come to the bar and observe him so I could be justified in cutting him off. It’s while the manager was talking to him that he fell asleep.

Make that, “while the manager was talking to me” that the guy fell asleep.


It’s one thing to have a nutty person acting nutty, but one day last week I had what I would consider an otherwise rational person become a nutball right before my very eyes.

I was in a small town in the middle of nowhere when I stopped at a local gas station to use the bathroom. I opened the door to walk into the bathroom when I was greeted with the most blood curdling scream you could ever imagine. I see a startled woman sitting on the toilet screaming for all she’s worth. I was stunned and backed away…quickly! All of the other gas station patrons looked at me like I was wielding a hatchet. <rolleyes> When she finally came out of the bathroom, I said, “I don’t know how screaming helped you, but it sure scared the hell out of me!”…

Within the hour, I was on a fairly busy state route when a young man (maybe in his mid-20’s) ran out to the edge of the road and pulled down his pants to moon the traffic…

Shortly after that, I was approaching a trash truck that was coming toward me with 4 legs of a dead cow sticking out of the top…

And it wasn’t even a full moon.

My next-door neighbor recently had a hysterectomy. She thought that the reason she was so sore post-surgery was that the doctor had suspended her upside-down from the ceiling during the operation.

Maybe she was using her debit card and didn’t want anyone watching when she entered her pin number.


While driving, I was passed by an old blue-haired lady in a Crown Vic. Although she was the embodiment of motoring geezer-hood, she had low-profile tires and nice rims on her car. In the back seat was a complete plastic skeleton*, holding (I swear) a microphone to its mouth. :eek:

*I really, really hope it was a plastic skeleton.

En passant, les Dopers francophones te donnent la bienvenue !

Well, if I am pushed under a train or gunned down, it’s the tattooed bullet-headed guy named “John” at my train station who has suddenly taken an inexplicable dislike to me and calls me the “crazy librarian chick” and refuses to answer when I ask him just what the hell he is talking about.

Maybe I should start taking the 7:27 . . .