What recreational amenities are available on large military ships

On carriers or battleships, what kinds of R&R amenities are available on warships? I assume some kind of movie theater exists, I’m guessing a gym also. What else would a person at sea for months have access to?

Haha I immediately had this old commercial come to mind, but with a guy in a sailor suit instead of Kathie Lee.

Books, some internet access (though I don’t know how good it is, probably more Wikipedia and SDMB than Youtube and Hulu, and I’d be willing to bet that porn is right out), probably TVs and video games and such, likely shared with others.

Note: I’ve never been on an active ship myself, but this is bits and pieces I’ve picked up from talking to friends in the Navy.

Traditionally ? Rum, sodomy and the lash.

Decks of cards, board games, probably even some D&D type games. Most everyone has an mp3 player and earphones. Oh, and after a while, nobody tells jokes anymore. If you remember a good one, you just say the punch line and everyone else chuckles at it. Sorta like here, right?

There’s probably a DVD/VHS library, besides the crewmembers personally owned DVDs. There might be a projection or large flat panel TV in the galley.

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there are no battleships.

Larger ships, (aircraft carriers, supply and transport, etc.) will have a complete array of gym equipment including freeweights and machines. In the U.S., even our attack submarines have gym equipment. The larger missile boats do as well.
Of note, the Russian ‘Typhoon’ class of missile boats (subs) even had a small, deep, swimming pool aboard.

The smaller surface ships of the US Navy also have dedicated workout space including weight machines.

On larger ships, there may still be traditional ‘movies’ showing in ward areas. US Sailors are encouraged (read intentionally motivated) to stay active both physically and mentally. Most forms of social communication including continuing education are available while at sea.

Around 1990 on the ship I served on had a little room that served as a library, one wall had shelves of VCR tape movies. Each berthing area had in two or three tables and a TV bolted to the wall with a VCR. All the TV’s were also connected to a closed circut system. Usally one channel had movies showing around the clock. Another had odds and ends shown for example last week’s football games that were mailed out to the ship.

On the Aircraft Carrier at sea, one channel was a fixed camera showing flight ops on the deck. There is also a tiny studio where they did a daily news show. Ships announcments and news from the world.

My off time I read a lot, played a lot of cards, helped paint a mural on the wall of our one shop, and fondly remember a D&D campaign that lasted most of a several month cruise. I had to have my Mother mail me my books.

Today I imagine video game consoles are everywhere, I’m jealous.

Based on watching the PBS series 'Carrier" recreational activities seem to include

-working out
-calling home
-endlessly fretting to your friends about your girl
-studying for degrees or promotional exams
-church (not exactly recreational, but it breaks up the day)
-planning end-of-tour skits
and, lets not forget, shore leave.

Also, on the Nimitz at least, once the ship returns to Pearl Harbor from its deployment, the crew’s tour is officially over; however if they choose to ride the boat back to its final harbor, from Hawaii to San Diego they can bring a family member on the carrier, this is called the “Tiger Cruise”.

I have an ancient memory of seeing a clip on a Discovery Channel documentary about US aircraft carriers, showing at least a few full-sized *arcade games *set up onboard one carrier.

I’m dying to know if I imagined that, or not.

I had a friend who was in the Navy back in the late 80’s who said they had an ongoing two-board game of RISK that took weeks to complete. Apparently (at least on his ship, don’t remember which one) it was a long-standing tradition that predated his time onboard.

You’ll never see a pool table on a Coast Guard Cutter, though. Too many fights with pool cues, I guess.

It was from trying to rack their balls. The tables kept collapsing.

And keel-hauling.

This American Life has an episode, Somewhere in the Arabian Sea, with a bunch of interviews about life on an aircraft carrier. They mention video games, working out, and even playing in one of many garage bands on board.

and the Golden Rivet.

Oh, pranking guys on their first cruise is a way to pass the time also.

A Navy acquaintance of mine explained that there are some interesting materials that the CPOs keep in the goat locker.