What (religion/group/organization) is this?

Recently there was a convention in town. It was, as far as I could tell, attended solely by middle aged and up black people. Various attendees were wearing various combinations of red fezzes with what appeared to be Egyptian style wording and quite large and intricate gold necklaces and jewelry.

I’ve always associated fezzes with Shriners, which I have also associated with old, white guys. Might this have been a Shriner convention for minority members, or is there a mostly black religion out there that has similar accoutrements?

Shriners may wear fezzes but its origin is in the islamic world. My guess based on the description would be Nation of Islam.

I just did a google image search under “Nation of Islam,” and none of the men in any of the pictures on Page 1 were wearing anything like what’s described in the OP.

If it’s a religious group, it’s more likely the Moorish Science Temple. Could it be them?


By the way, my WAG is that it may be some local community group. Perhaps a social club of local wealthy African-Americans, who wear fezzes and outlandish jewelry just for the hell of it. Maybe there are branches in other cities and they had a convention in the OP’s town?