What’s behind Obama’s executive order against Snopes? [Joke on Snopes site]

This morning, while browsing Snopes, I stumbled across an article written by Kim LaCapria, and later found other pieces by her, and they all end with:

Since when did Obama start writing executive orders forcing sites like Snopes to use writers for their site, that not only was not their choosing, but they also found to be probably false on content? This reads like a spoof. I kept checking to see if I really was on Snopes.

Perhaps the text means that the signing of the order and it’s subject and effects motivated her to write, instead of meaning that the order literally ordered her to write.

Are we being serious.

It’s a joke.

You don’t say?

Personally, I (and my friend Rene Descartes) would be more concerned about how a physical person can be found “probably false.”

ETA: It’s not exactly rare for writers to pen tongue-in-cheek bios. I’m surprised you haven’t seen one before.

I have no idea who she is or what the word salad at the end of her article means, but I do have a question. Do other Snopes writers have spurious biographies? I think the bio is a marginal attempt at mocking the ridiculous web content she disputes as a writer on the site. Do other Snopes writers use similar biographies?

Well, I guess a spoof it is then. I was looking at other articles by her, and they were all serious, but ended with that, so I guess she got me. :smack:

It looks like a “funny” bio writers or their editors throw in there.

Every writer on Snopes has a funny fake bio.

Yes, several of them.

But not all

No executive order is an example of “legislative overreach.” Executive overreach, maybe.

With the density of political CTers in this country I think a spoof bio on a site dedicated to debunking BS would do better than to invent a fake CT involving one of their debunkers.

Pretty shortsighted if you ask me.

ETA ref Ravenman. Neither are executive orders “passed.”

Accordion enthusiast? And you think that one’s not a spoof too??

Weird Al is one. So that makes at least two.

Snopes has a history of not taking itself too seriously.

Wasn’t Snopes the website that started the rumor that Mr. Ed was a zebra?

It appears to be a common belief among the derpier side of right-wing/tea party supporters that Snopes is a big part of the Liberal Media Conspiracy, and therefore if you try to refute any claims they make by citing Snopes, your cites are automatically invalid. I suspect this is part of the satire (“Obama is forcing me to write articles that advance his socialist agenda!”)

“What’s the secret of com…”

Since this is a joke, let’s move it over to MPSIMS.

I also added a clarification to the title.

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Gee. I don’t happen to look at snopes all that often, but I just did. It has been re-organized and re-formatted beyond recognition from when I last looked there. Are the Mikkelsons even running it any more? I always thought it was just the two of them running the whole show.

Yes, from The Repository Of Lost Legends section. :wink: