What’s new in Apple TV?

I sat down last night to watch NHL TV on my Apple TV and got a nasty message telling me that Apple TV second generation isn’t being supported. So, I guess I’ll have to upgrade. I’ve had this Apple TV box since around 2010.

I currently use it for Netflix, PBS, Sky News, Bloomberg TV, and most importantly MLB and NHL tv.

Have there been substantial changes? My TV isn’t 4K, although I’m considering getting a new one if I move next year.

I also use it to stream YouTube videos from my iPad. My Apple TV doesn’t have YouTube. It would be great if I could also stream Amazon Prime, but I have no expectations since Amazon and Apple don’t place nice with each other.

I believe that Amazon finally allowed their app to appear on Apple TVs in the last year.

Good, I can only access Amazon though my Blu Ray player and it’s a very clunky interface.

I also have the 2nd gen Apple TV and they added Amazon Prime Video about a year ago. Have you done any updates to get the latest settings?
It also always had YouTube…