What’s the best biography of Thomas Jefferson?

I just reread Hamilton by Ron Chernow. Is there an equivalent for Thomas Jefferson? A comprehensive look at Jefferson that doesn’t focus constantly on re-examining Jefferson, calling him out on hypocrisy constantly, and the less about Sally Hemings, the better.

I’m fine with a multi volume work as well.

Putting this in IMHO as non fiction book threads don’t tend to do well in the Café.

Joseph Ellis’s American Sphinx got very good reviews when it came out. He won the Pulitzer (deservedly so IMHO) for his Founding Brothers, a concise and very interesting short group-bio of the Framers as friends, allies, frenemies and foes, but I haven’t read American Sphinx.

American Sphinx, definitely an excellent, well-written book. I recommend it.

Well, American Sphinx is only $4.99 for the Kindle edition, that’s certainly inexpensive enough to give it a read.