What’s the prognosis for a Moderna vaccinated individual, with the Delta Variant?

Apart from the slightly increased probability of death, what are the other prevalent ailments ?

What if it is a kid ? An elderly person ? A person with blood pressure and / or diabetes ?

I know CDC recommends masks off and back to work; Are the recommendations any different for the “pre-existing conditions” category ?

This is in the US context.

Insufficient data. However, given the larger percentage of the population that has elected to reject vaccination and will be a favorable medium for epidemic spread, I’m sure we’ll find out.

For what it is worth, while efficacy of the current vaccines against symptomatic infection is measurably reduced vice the B1.167.2 (‘Delta’) variant, it does still seem to be quite effective against severe morbidity requiring hospitalization and very good against mortality, as well as (anecdotally, at least) reducing ‘long-haul’ symptoms. There is already talk of booster shoots using a modified vaccine, which would also help people who are immunocompromised or have not maintained a robust immune response.

The real danger is not the ‘Delta’ variant, which is more infectious but does not (as far as currently data shows) cause significantly more serious disease, but a mutation to that variant that is more virulent. There is, in fact, a ‘Delta Plus’ variant with a mutation in the K417 amino acid that does appear to be more capable of evading antibodies although whether it causes more hospitalizations than other variants is unclear. However, given the poorly understood viral pathogenesis it seems quite likely that there are potential mutations, particularly in the envelope (E) protein, that could significantly increase virulence.


What they’ve been saying around here is that something like 99.75% of hospitalizations and deaths in our region are in unvaccinated people. There’s not much other information there, but it’s almost certainly unvaccinated ADULTS, otherwise there would be a lot more noise about it hitting kids hard, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

So the takeaway is that it’s extremely unlikely to kill you if you’ve been vaccinated at all. It’s also pretty unlikely that you’ll end up hospitalized as well. There’s a better than even chance you may not even get sick at all if you’re vaccinated and exposed, but it’s still about a 65% chance or so, not 93% like it used to be with previous variants.

You’re most likely to not have any symptoms at all or more cold-like symptoms. For some reason, the more common symptoms for the Delta virus are headache, runny nose and sore throat as opposed to loss of taste and smell.

These new symptoms are data from the UK which have a high vaccination rate for older people. We know that covid cases are now skewed toward younger, unvaccinated people. It could also mean that vaccinated people who do end up getting infected are experiencing something akin to the common cold coronavirus infections.

Finally, it could be that the Delta variant is more contagious but less deadly than other variants. Data out of India suggests that this is not true.

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Pfizer and Moderna are very similar technology. Throughout this whole saga (at least so far), the two companies have consistently reported similar numbers for efficacy. So if you find a news report with new information on one, you can tentatively assume that the other will at some point report something along the same lines.