What’s the risk I’d damage my iPad using it as a makeshift photography light box?

I know this sounds a bit crazy, but hear me out… :grinning:

I want to do some macro still life photography. One of the subjects I want to experiment with is a pile of coarse-grain salt. I want a dark, reflective surface, and the (turned off) screen of my iPad would be ideal, I think. Then it occurred to me that I could use the iPad as a light box to illuminate the salt crystals from below, in different colours by displaying different images on the screen.

I’m far from convinced that dumping a load of salt directly on the screen of an expensive electronic device is a good idea, but I wondered what the risk would be if I stretched Cling-Film (I think that it’s called Saran Wrap in the US) tightly over the screen to protect it, and built up a small pile of salt on top of it? Scratches? Over heating? Static?

Like this?

Using an iPad as a Lightbox for Backlit Macro Photography

That’s exactly the idea, yes. Thanks - the app in that article looks useful, and they seem to suggest that covering the screen with wrap is ok (and they were shooting slices of orange, which is far messier than what I’m planning!)

Just for information, though, actual light boards are inexpensive-- I have two (different sizes), and it’s probably early enough in the morning for same-day shipping from Amazon.

I purchased a matte finish overlay for my iPad because I got a drawing app and I wanted the overlay for protection and to simulate the slight friction of a pencil or pen against paper. Something like that might work for you, and the matte finish may work better for your purposes than shiny cling wrap.