What’s up with the Timberlake apology?

So on the news this morning they mentioned a long apology Justin Timberlake posted to Instagram, specifically toward Britney Spears and Janet Jackson.

I don’t really know or care much about the Britney apology. apparently he was a bad boyfriend or something, so that overdue apology was probably warranted.

But the Janet Jackson Super Bowl thing- I could understand the need for an apology if he, on the spur of the moment, decided to pull part of her costume down to expose her breast, or even if he did it accidentally. But wasn’t it a pre-planned stunt that both of them were in on, to generate some ‘even bad publicity is publicity’ heat? It’s too bad that a double standard in our society focused most of the backlash on Janet, but that’s society’s fault, not Justin’s. Isn’t it? Am I being an insensitive male, or am I missing part of the story?

You are missing the part where only SHE got punished and he did absolutely nothing to stick up for her.

Yeah, it’s the stuff afterward where he seemed to care more about his career than trying to help the woman who got completely blackballed, when they were equally responsible.

He actually was the one man in position to actually help with that unequal standard mentioned in the OP. He was part of it, so, when people were only blaming Jackson, he should have stepped up.

You hatch the scheme together, you should be in it together.

[bolding mine] I addressed the first part of that but I guess you have a point with the part I bolded.

ETA: also, what @BigT said. I guess I am just being an insensitive male.

Vis-a-vis the Jackson thing …

I’m reminded of “Support The Troops” bumper stickers – the very least you can do to actually support the troops.

The apology is a throwaway and pretty self-serving at this late date. Similarly, I’d expect a few GOP Senators to write memoirs in their retirement saying that they should have voted to convict and remove DJT.

In other words: is Timberlake’s better late than never ‘apology’ a profile in courage or a reminder of his cowardice ?

How forced was his hand, I wonder? If there had been a growing outcry on social media about his past actions in light of the new social climate, then yeah maybe he was just apologizing to get out in front of it. Or maybe he felt genuine remorse. He was pretty young when the bad stuff happened, I can believe it might be maturity and growing a conscience. Or maybe I’m being naive.

It’s always right to do the right thing, even late. Maybe not right enough alone (i.e. he might have to do a lot more to make up for past mistakes), but righter than not doing it.

Totally agree.

But I just get more cynical with age.

Timberlake has a recent film out:

Maybe this was just a way to goose the publicity and generate more revenue for the film.

Maybe. No idea, truly.

This is a good illustration of the old dictum: “Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.”

There’s a documentary, Framing Britney Spears, that was recently released. While its main subject is Spears, it also shows a lot of Timberlake. And apparently it does not depict him favorably.

Ah, right, I saw that being advertised on Hulu, I think. So the release of that doc, plus Justin’s new movie that @DavidNRockies mentioned, seems to equal ‘cynically managing public image’. Oh well.

First, absolutely no one cares about his movie. He’s tried for years to be a real triple threat but he’s no actor.

Maybe there’s some cynicism but come on. He dated Britney a million years ago. Obviously apologizing about being a bad boyfriend is connected to the movie about her just coming out. When was he supposed to make a public apology? 2 years ago when nobody was even remembering that they exist?

What’s the hat-trick part of the triple threat— his comedic touch on SNL? He has had some amusing moments on that show over the years.

Singing, dancing, & acting are what I thought were the three. He’s likeable in his SNL bits but…

Didn’t he apologize pretty extensively for the Superbowl stunt back when it happened?

Ok. I guess I was considering the singing and dancing to be kind of a package deal— song and dance man, actor, and…comedian?

He apologized but “extensively” would be pushing it. The real problem is that the media shit all over Jackson but not him. I guess some people think that’s partly on him but that seems a little unfair to me.

He seemed to be quite a good actor in The Social Network.