What’s your favorite Apple Watch app (or apps) that doesn’t come delivered?

Mine is definitely Golf Pad. Yes, it’s something of a specialty app but it’s great for keeping my golf score, tracking my shots, and recommending which club to use based on conditions.

Don’t know if it’s my favorite but I sure use it a lot is the Starbucks scan code app. Especially at the drive-thrus. Instead of handing cash or a bank card to the barista, or hanging my smart phone out the window and risk dropping it, I just let them scan my wrist.

Anyone else? Beuler?

Either Apple watches are not very popular or all the popular apps are built-in. Interesting.

I would use that but believe it or not, there are no Starbucks within 20 miles of where I live. In the US of A, I guess that makes me a geographical oddity.

I really like my Apple Watch. None the less, I find that the only apps I really use are to answer a call when I can’t get to my phone quickly, using the Apple map for directions, using the activity app to track my exercise, and the health monitors like the heart rate monitor, EKG, and pulse oximeter. The screen is too small to play games, or really for any other app that I would need to be touching the screen to use.

My #1 favorite is an exercise tracking and planning app called WorkOutDoors. At its core, it’s a turbocharged version of the default workout app that adds a lot more data, workout types, mapping and deep customizability. You can load maps to the watch for offline use, and you can also transfer routes in advance for hiking or whatever so you can follow the breadcrumbs along the way.

I also use an app called Tides, that does exactly what you think. Carrot Weather, because it adds some additional complication options that you can add to your favorite face, and Windy, which lets you easily see the wind forecast for a location. I do a lot of sea kayaking, so getting the wind, waves and tides forecast is super useful to me.

Last but not least, from my pre-COVID traveling days, the apps for each of the airlines I used regularly were helpful.

One more: I use the Grocery iOS and watch app to turn the emailed grocery list my wife sends me into a clickable list on the phone or watch. Being able to tap items as I roam the aisles and find what I need is 90% of what I need, but the app also tracks the order you shop and cross references it against the store you’re at such that in future trips to the same store, it reorders the list to match your typical route through the store.

They are extremely popular as far as smartwatches go (and even in general), but when you’re asking this question on a message board where people still proudly call to attention that they don’t own a smartphone or that they won’t spend $2 on a jar of peanut butter because they can make it cheaper at home, don’t expect too much.