What seedless fruit and veg are possible?

Chopping up bell peppers the way I did today, twenty pounds in one go with the seeds going everywhere, always makes me wonder if it would be possible to grow seedless capsicums. And if not why not? Are there any other fruit and veg where seedless varieties are possible? Is it just happy coincidence that we get things like seedless cucumbers and oranges, or are there long years of R&D behind them? If anyone knows, a Doper must know. Are there any botanists around?

I’ve a few semesters of horticulture in graduate school and I would conjecture that with today’s technologies it should not be too difficult to grow anything without seed. The limitations would be financial, time and motivation. Could you profitably market a seedless capsicums? It may already be there in some grad students notes.

Most seedless plants that we eat are that way because they have an odd number of sets of chromosomes, so during meiosis, they’re unable to produce gametes with the correct number of chromosomes, and they spontaneously abort. I don’t know details about why this hasn’t been done with other plants - it may be a time/money issue as has been suggested, or it may be that those plants don’t tolerate polyploidy for whatever reason. I dunno.


I happily pay extra for seedless watermelon, but I can’t imagine paying an extra dime for a seedless pepper.

Vifslan, I always use a knife to cut out the stem and the belly button thing at the bottom, then I quarter the pepper longways. The seeds are generally still attached to the foamy things along the seams. These (the foamy things) come off easily if you slide the knife along them, and I’m usually left without any seeds to deal with.

Now, the seedless vegetable thing, I haven’t got a clue.

Navel oranges are categorically different from seedless watermelon. They are frustrated twins, with a small fruit stuck with a big one and neither completely matures.