What sentence would you give the 9/11 mastermind?

Over in MPSIMS, a thread discusses the capture of the alleged 9/11 mastermind.

There’s been some discussion over the appropriate punishment for this guy, once the intel people are done with him.

So if you were on the jury and had already convicted him of terrorism and related major charges, what sentence would you give him? Choose one of the following, say why if you want to.

  • Death as prescribed by law (most likely lethal injection).
  • Life without parole (he’s never getting out).
  • Something less to be decided by the court.

(Please don’t turn this into a GD on capital punishment. It’s just a poll.)
My choice: Death. I believe in limited use of capital punishment for very few crimes, where the culprit is too dangerous or wicked to be allowed to live. My short list includes terrorist murder. So I support killing him, to make sure he won’t plan any more attacks.

Life without parole.

I’d go for life, probably in solitary confinement. Islamic extremists get their rocks off on martyrdom, it seems, and I’d rather not add another martyr to the list. I think it would be a powerful statement of civilization and justice to treat him well and humanely, and to let him die of old age.


I’d go for life, without possibility of parole, in a prison with little or no Muslim population to shelter him. Not in solitary, but out in the general population. I’d guess his life expectancy would be less than Jeffrey Dahmer’s.

The only problem that I’d see in keeping him alive is that there would be other terrorist acts to try and free him. So hopefully he wouldn’t be with us too long.

I would like to see him tried under Islamic law for the murder of Women, Children, and Innocent people at the World Trade Centre. Followed by the standard death by decapitation carried out by a willing Muslim relative of one of those killed on 9/11.
I think that would show that Islamic faith does not stand for terrorism, and would be most likely to make potential Islamic terrorists think again.


Personally, I think it’d be great if regardless of the penalty we assess on him, if we could keep it entirely out of the press.

If we execute him, he’ll likely be a martyr to the fundamentalist Islamic world, and if we imprison him, he’ll remain a hero to them as well, and in their eyes, one wrongly imprisoned by “Imperialist America” or the “Great Satan”, or whatever ugly name they’re calling us these days.

But… if we could somehow keep the sentencing phase out of the press(I know, not really feasible), then he’d be in limbo- they couldn’t say he was a martyr or imprisoned or anything. He’d just vanish, with no more mention of him ever again.

I think that’d be better than any sort of publicity for this guy and his crimes.

i would like to suggest the unconstitutional ideas of:

a lifetime solitary cell in the corner of the “it’s a small world after all” ride in disney.

the living grave… life in a cell with no contact at all. no letters, no tv, no computer, no books. except for food, and a body scan once a year for a health exam, nothing at all. food to be delivered by robot, prisoner taken to body scan via robot. relatives would be able to visit as the relatives of the victims can. they can leave flowers, momentos, letters, and talk to some one, who will never smell the flowers, touch the momentos, read the letters or hear the voice. except for food and drink, the prisoner gets exactly what a person in a coffin gets.

We don’t have a London Gate, but perhaps the head could be displayed on the White House gate.

Robin Williams does a bit where he conjectures, “What if, through some mistranslation of the Koran, instead of this martyr being greeted by 77 virgins, it was 77 Viginians? Yee-haw!”