What should I do with Beauty

Fellow dopers may remember Beauty:

Well, I got a new(er) car, one that doesn’t leak, or make strange noises, or belch smoke when coming off the line on a green light (the chicks really dig that, btw). I also got a new job, and so I’ll be back in Chicago as of September 3rd.

I probably don’t even need one car, let alone two. I want to get rid of the thing as quickly as possible. I’ve been calling junkyards, and this one guy may give me $200 for it (he’s driving out to look at it right now).

The car is a 1992 LeBaron convertible, 160,000 miles, some rust on the underbody and the top is ripped in some places. It’s a really messed up looking car (all the seats are torn up from sun damage), so I don’t want to try and sell it in a paper or anything, since I have about a week left here. Hence calling the junkyards. Anybody have any idea what a fair price might be, when selling for parts? Are there any other options?

Consider giving it to charity. There are organizations out there that fix up cars and give them to low-income families, and others that use them to teach at-risk youth basic mechanical skills.

And you get a nice big tax writeoff, too.

I’m not a home-owner, so there is no way that I will be itemizing deductions next year, since I can’t possibly get more than the standard deduction.

I’ve heard fairly sketchy things about car charities - not that all of them are scams, but that many are, and it’s hard to tell which is which. I may be better off selling it and donating the money to charity directly.

Anyone know of reputable charities (including ones that take cars) in the Wisconsin area?

Crazy. I called several wrecking services, and a guy came by just now and bought it for $200. Yay! Now I just need to pick a charity.

A charity? How about MADD – Mothers Against Drunk Driving
Since the money is from the sale of a car it kind of makes sense :slight_smile:

Can I go to a MADD office with a bunch of empty bottles rolling around the floor of my car? :smiley: I’m so going to hell.

A charity that benefits the famillies of state troopers would be appropote as well. Excellent suggestion!


Think redemption :wink: