What should I do with my hair?

I have a nice event coming up next week - semi-formal - and have bought a nice outfit, and plan to buy shoes tomorrow. But I always get stuck with what to do with my hair.

Pertinant info:

  • The outfit is black flowing pants with a nice rayon-ish jacket/blouse combo, very loose and flowing (not stiff like a super-formal jacket).
  • I have long curly hair that is very very thin.
  • It gets frizzy very quickly if I am not careful.
  • I am working at this event, so I will get hot and sweaty.
  • It has to stay the way it is for about 5-6 hours.
  • I have a very round, young-looking face.

I usually put it up in a bun, French twist, or sometimes braids, and this is fine…except then my face looks kind of fat. I could just leave it down, but guaranteed it turns into a frizzy mess by the end of the night.

If I must, I will put it up into a French Twist again, but I am wondering if anyone has any better ideas. Also, if I do that, thoughts on making my face look less full? Please help!

I don’t seem to have access to any photos of me here at work. When I get home I’ll try to post a couple.

Oops I forgot a couple of salient points:

my hair is long but when it dries it’s about to my bra strap;
I don’t have time to go to a salon since I have to go straight from work to the event;
I can’t french-braid my own hair or I would totally do that.

Do you mean “thin” as in “fine”, “thin” as in “sparse”, or both?
Do you have bangs at all?

I’m thinking maybe you could do a very loose braid - tight enough that the ends of your hair are secured, but loose enough that it still drapes around your face somewhat. Then fold the end of the braid up and pin it, or wrap it into a bun. The effect I have in mind is something like this or this, but with even more drapeyness around the face. It might frizz a little, but hopefully, that will translate into “volume”. :wink:

I do have bangs. And I mean thin as in each individual strand is super thin. I like the pictures you posted, and I think if I can make it look halfway decent I will do something exactly like that. Thank you!

Le sigh, I wish I could look as good as those girls! :slight_smile:

Two words: Princess Leia :smiley:

Ah, yes - me too. Mine’s pretty thick distribution-wise, but each hair is very, very fine. So hard to work with. But at least you’ve got curls! ::jealous:: I’m sure you’ve tried a million anti-frizz serums and such, but my sister has really lovely curly hair, and she uses TIGI Curls Rock leave-in conditioner (and their shampoo and so on, I think). Hers is also pretty fine, and the conditioner keeps it from frizzing without leaving it oily-looking. Might be worth a shot.

Good luck - and have fun!

I do have leave in conditioner, so I probably will use it. I use hair gel, and good shampoo/conditioner, but after six hours in a hot room my hair tends to react in its own very special way.

I do have a ton of those sproingy curls. :slight_smile: It’s why I keep it long; short, and it just turns into this mass of curls. My problem with the thin-ness is almost no clips work for me; there’s just not a thick enough mass of hair to hold them.

I wouldn’t use hair gel…unless it’s for curly hair.

I have super curly and dry - yet thick - hair and i useGarnier’s Sleek & Shine serum. I used to use something else but happened upon a review of my previous product online that recommended this over that. I’ve been quite happy with this.

I never put my hair up because it makes my face look fat, too.

I do on occasion wear a “do rag” which sits up sort of high and also lets my hair peek out from around the sides. I wonder if a nice wide headband/scarf would work for you - letting the hair poof out the sides but keeping it fairly “neat” behind the headband?

Don’t worry - I use the same hair gel as you. :slight_smile:

I found some more examplesof loose updoson longcurly-ish hairfor you.

This is a YouTube video showing my favorite easy, sexy updo to do. The reason this might work for you is that it’s inherently messy, so a little frizz or changing texture wont look bad at all. The look takes a metric ass ton of bobby pins, but it’s crazy easy-- seriously impossible to screw up. And the drapey pieces that hang down help disguise fat face a bit. Check out that YouTuber’s other videos, though, she has some great looks and does a great job explaining how to get them.

This is another YouTube Channel I love with tons of great ideas :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting style, can you rat curly frizz-prone hair the same way she rats her straight non-frizzy hair? I have curly hair that’s highly frizz-prone (if I even so much as look at a brush), but I’ve never tried ratting.

Oh BTW on that page, I found this video showing how to do the Taylor Swift updo.

I think pony with curls would be nice, but I’m having a hard time figuring out the texture of your hair with curls. Pics!

Of course! I would say to just be sure to section the top layer of hair (so the part that shows) and clipping it aside while you tease-- that way your curls will stay pretty and not all . . . well, ratted. Then, go crazy underneath and cover with the nice curls.

I have long, fine, sparse, curly hair and a round face. And I love wearing the Emmy Rossum that someone posted earlier.

My method, because I’m lazy:

I make three low ponytails. (Sorry the picture’s so blurry, but they’re three ponytails, you get the idea.)

Then I take each ponytail and make a small messy bun. Fluff them, pin the stragglers and I get my version of the Emmy.

I also never use bobby pins, I like these better. I only need three or four and they don’t slip the way bobby pins do.

It takes me about five minutes to do this hairstyle, and I use six ponytail holders (one for each tail, and another for each bun), and the four mini clips. Holds all day working in a restaurant for me.

Good luck!