What should I do with these onion starts?

Last year was my first in the new house, and I was overly ambitious when it came to getting started with the gardens. After I was essentially done I found that I had forgotten about some Walla Walla onion starts, and I just plugged them into a pot with the intention to get them into the ground, which never happened. Autumn came and the onion bulbs became soft, and I simply left them in the pot over the winter, assuming that they would die. When spring arrived they threw up new green tops and the bulbs are firm again. If I plant them in the ground now, will they grow into onions, or go to seed?

Onions are biennial, so you will probably get really tall purple flowers. On the upside, they are pretty!

Thanks, that’s what I was thinking. I guess I’ll put them in with the flowers and try again with new onion sets.