What should I do with these spare speakers?

I have a couple of giant speakers that have been sitting unused in a spare bedroom for a couple of years. They are your typical big component-type speakers from 10 years ago, but they work well. They each have a 12-inch speaker, and 10-inch speaker, and 10-inch wide horn. I can’t hook them into my current A/V stuff because I have a Bose system and I don’t have a component amp anymore to power them.

So, what I’m looking for is something cool (and possibly bizarre) to do with these. I’m pretty handy with electronics so taking them apart and rewiring them into something new and cool would be a fun project and I have a little spare cash to buy some stuff. I play guitar (kind of), so what would it take to turn these into a mega-guitar amp? Any other crazy ideas for putting these to good use?


What brand & model are they?

You could sell them out of a white van.

Make and Model = Klipsch KG 5.2.

White van… Ha! :smiley:

The really cool thing would be to pack 'em up and ship them to me. I’ll be glad to send you my address. :smiley:

Ya know, I didn’t really know how good they were until today. I got them from a friend and they’ve just been sitting there untouched for years. Now some stuff has come up so we have to use the spare room they were sitting in, and I started thinking what I could do with them. Until riker asked what make and model they were and I searched online for a link I didn’t know that they are actually decent quality. It still doesn’t change the fact that I don’t have an amp to power them.

I still like the idea of trying to turn them into a guitar amp or something. It would sure beat my little micro-Fender beginner’s amp.

For guitar you might want to disconnect the tweeter and run the woofer full-range.

As late as the 1980s, most of the models in Klipsch’s lineup were wildly unconventional, sometimes using horn drivers for the midrange and bass as well as the tweeter. They had something of cult following. The newer stuff mostly just has a horn tweeter, and some models don’t even have that any more.

Klipsch runs a web forum - it’s quite possible that you’ll get more info than you ever wanted about them over there.

Sell the Bose and use the cash to buy the amp.

At the very least listen to them before you make any mods.

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samclem GQ moderator

      • You could spend $30 for a Sonic Impact Class-T amp for them, and then quite possibly sell the other setup when you realize the Sonic-T setup sounds nicer…

I once made a coffee table out of a large pair of component speakers like those. It was a conversation piece. Or something.

Buy a new 7.1 Surround Sound Amp/Receiver and use the extra speakers as side or back speakers.

If they genuinely are “spare” (i.e. you don’t mind potentially wrecking them), I’ve always wanted to try adding speakers to a cupboard or wardrobe or something… just by cutting appropriately-sized holes in the sides, installing the cones, maybe wiring up an amp. Drill a small hole in the side and put in a small jack socket, then you could plug an mp3 player or portable radio in. I did something similar in my kitchen; doesn’t sound too good but it’s good for playing some tunes while I’m cooking.

That will screw up the bass response because the cabinet probably won’t be the right size, and the midrange will be compromised because the flimsy cabinetry will resonate, and you’ll have reflections in the cab if there isn’t any damping material. Don’t expect decent sound.

Trust me on this, you do not want to do anything to modify them, damge or otherwise spoil them.

These are worth significant amounts of cash, try looking on EBAY for some, they rarely come up and they sell for plenty.

It would almost be a sacriledge to make any of the modifications you describe.

I’d consider getting a decent Amplifier head, like Fender’s FM-100H, and using these puppies as the speakers.

You could also make your own head – project plan here. There are lots of electronic projects for guitar & amp that could use these excellent speakers as outputs, here, and here.

I’d find a way to add them to my surround sound system, somehow.

Thanks for all the suggestions. Yeah, I’ve decided not to mess with the speakers themselves. After doing some more looking around on the web for info I realize they are quite nice. I hooked then up to a little boom-box I have with external speakers (after checking resistance and all that) and they sound really good… even with signal coming from a vastly under-powered and admitedly cheap stereo. So, I’m not going to monkey with the speakers at all. Why ruin a good thing.

So, the next step is trying to figure out how to include these into my home stereo system without my wife complaining about the size.

And my little Fender amp does have an external speaker jack (8 Ohm - same as the speakers in question, and the Fender output is only 36W while the speakers are 100W so as far as I know there is no danger of permanently damaging the speakers, right?) so I still think I have to try to hook them up there just for the hell of it and see what that sounds like. :slight_smile: I’m sure the neighbors will rejoice hearing badly played Smashing Pumpkins from a cleaner output.

Klipsch wasn’t a hack. He knew how to make some damn fine speakers. While these may not be some of the classic speakers he made years ago, I’m sure they are quite nice. Get an amp and rock out.