What should I do with this Pentium III chip?

I recently cannabilized my daughter’s old computer. One of the parts I salvaged is a Pentium III chip. What would be a good use for this?

I considered putting in my Roomba, but thought it might then take over the world or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Build a file server for backing up your stuff? Add a biggish hard drive, a network card and a cheap monitor and you’re good to go.


I don’t think she’s looking for a real answer. :wink:

Me? I’d just put it in a box in the basement and the next time the basement floods I can justify throwing it out. You might have to disable your sump pump to speed up the process. Or move to a house with a basement.


BTW, is it the cartridge style chip? What speed is it? (I could use one if it’s faster than a 600)

Send it to me if you don’t want it.

Really :slight_smile:


You could use it as a coaster if it’s an old slot-type CPU. Get a lot more and flip them over so you can practice sleeping on a bed of nails, if it’s the socket-type.

Shrink yourself down to a milimeter tall and wander among the pins, pretending you’re wandering among the columns of an ancient Egyptian temple.

I think I need sleep.


Check and see if there’s Computer Corps or something similar near you. They’ll take any computer parts, no matter how old and diabolical.

They build computers for low-income elderly and families. It’s a decent cause, and someone else can deal with your problem.


I’d tape it for my forehead and make a “end times zombie” halloween costume around it.

Big computer chip… on forehead… hee hee hee :smiley:

am I the only one in this thread to suggest salsa?

's a little large for a keychain - it has a cooling fin with fan attached.

I wondered about cobbling together a ‘guest’ computer … where can I get a motherboard with this type slot? Oh yeah - it’s the kind that stands on edge. Not the old socket kind.

I like the bed o’ nails idea. Maybe for Barbie or something.

Uncommon - I’ll have to see if I can determine what speed. And, I don’t have a basement. Not too many here in these parts. :wink:

What else ? :slight_smile:

I was coming in to say that it’d go nice with some onionium dip, or possibly some guacamolium.

Unless you’ve been wearing a static strap while you’ve been playing with it, I wouldn’t bet it’s good for much any more.

You might try really taking it apart. Intel used to sell jewelry made from dies. Once, when they came out with a faster part a few weeks after release of a slower one, the rumor was that the jewelry was made of good parts they couldn’t sell.

It is, an 800 mHz apparently. The L2 cache is 256.

Don’t worry. This ain’t my first time to rodeo. :wink:

Oh man. I wish we still had that motherboard -I’d send it to you. We searched for a year and a half for a vertical-mount Pent. III before we offloaded the motherboard on someone else. Do’h!

They can be difficult to find, both the chips and the motherboards. Check any smallish local computer stores, Amazon, and Ebay.