What should I do?

Alright, so we have decided we are definitely going to move to Charlotte from New England in November. The original plan was to find a job in the area after our arrival because it would be A) easier to go to interviews at the drop of a hat, B) our address would show we are local and serious and C) we wouldn’t have to incur expenses by flying or driving down for an interview only to be passed over and could instead allocate that money to the move (where it was already allocated). My fiancee is trying to get me to schedule in-person interviews with employment agencies in the area and fly down prior to us actually physically moving, but I think that this is a huge waste of time and do not think it would improve my chances of being selected for a position, especially over someone who is already local. I have contacted 4 different agencies and I’m going to ask their perspective, but I wanted real people to give me their perspectives, not some agency.

I think it would be much more effective to move and make the job hunt my full time job until I find one after we have established an address.

She thinks I should fly down first (next week) and spend the money on the chance of finding a job preemptively, taking time off from my current job (which would be difficult based on the timeframe of the request).

WHO IS RIGHT?!?! Is taking the chance and spending the money on a plane ticket a better idea or is just picking up and moving? :confused:

Thank you in advance!

Much of this probably depends on the type of job. In my field (professional/technical) I’d get the ball rolling now, but not to the extent that your fiancee is suggesting. Many companies have a lengthy hiring/interview process and there’s a good chance that if you send your resume out to a few of them now you won’t hear anything until well into November. I would think that you could craft your resume and cover letter in a way that reflects that you’re a serious applicant even though you aren’t yet local. I don’t think I’d go as far as taking time off and spending money on in-person interviews with employment agencies, unless that is extremely critical to how things are done in your field. Maybe you can arrange phone interviews and then follow up when you’re local.

As a matter of personal preference, I would move first and then start the interview process. Moving is stressful. Unpacking takes time. There are a thousand little details to take care of when you move, such as getting the utilities turned on, finding a doctor, and so forth. So I’d be happier if I had a short time in which to work those things out before I had to start going to my job each day.

I wouldn’t take on the expense of moving before I had a job lined up. That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

Omar’s first rule regarding employment: never quit the job you have until you have your next job.

Thanks guys. She has a part time job lined up in the area already and has a lot of experience in the medical field. In fact, she is already getting responses from employers. I, on the other hand, am an inventory manager for 3 dealerships, have a BA in psychology and an MS in Justice Studies/Public Admin. I contacted a dealership in the area and they told me to call them when I was in town. They were otherwise seemingly unwilling to commit to an out of towner, as has been pretty much everyone else I have talked to. I figure I could land a sales position rather easily after getting down there (as I have a lot of experience in that, too) until I found my dream job.

I would assuredly fly down for an interview with an interested employer; I just don’t feel it is worth it to fly down to meet an employment agency rep who may find some temp work for me in a call center or data entry for 10 bucks an hour. My preference would be to work in local or federal government (hence the degree) but that seems really iffy right now. I was thinking about substitute teaching or trying to find a teaching position, but I’m still debating on if this would be for me. We do have enough money stashed to live for 3 months without jobs at all. If she is offered the full time job, I will be actually able to take over the part time position she has, which is a huge plus.

I know it is a huge risk to move down without work lined up for me, but so long as one of us can find a full time position or both of us can find part time work, we will be able to afford our bills. Thoughts?

Seems to me you’re in pretty good shape with what you’re doing. Keep making inroads at the dealerships and respond to any other job listings you’re interested in. I wouldn’t waste money on a flight or risk pissing off my currently employer for the last minute time off to interview at a temp agency.

I would tend to agree with you on the flight being a waste of money. Plus, you’re very correct! I do not want to piss off my current employer because if we end up becoming destitute in the South they would likely take me back with open arms as it stands now. Not that I want or expect to come crawling back here, but if I have to I will. The good news is we have everything packed and have already put money aside for the move. We also found an apt with a 3 month lease and will pay off the entire thing up front at signing. It is just after that window that scares the shit out of me. Not to mention, it is during the holiday season and there is a lot of hubbub about the PPACA and government in general. I get the impression that employers are apprehensive.