What should I fill my pizzelle with, Dopers?

I’m going to a friend’s tomorrow for Thanksgiving and while she sweetly said I don’t need to bring anything other than something small, I feel like I’m not contributing. So, I decided to make some yummy pizzelle as they are both delicious and easy.

I’d like to jazz up the pizzelle, though, so I was considering making some chocolate. Then it hit me: I could form them into little tubes and make a cannoli filling. Of course, the problem is that 1: I’ve never made cannoli before and 2: my Googling tells me I can’t make cannoli filling in anything ahead of time, because it will get soggy and full of hate. True?

I’m here for ideas! Either to the pizzelle themselves or rolling them into something exciting. Halp!

Well, if you fill up the pizelle long before you need to, they’ll get soft. But what about making the filling ahead of time and bringing it in a separate bowl? Just bring that, the pizelle and a piping/filling bag and fill 'em when you get there. It’s a big squoosh and then it’s filled, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Why not just dip the pizelle in chocolate frosting? Yumminess ensues!

You’d still have the soggy problem.

If you go with zweisamkeit’s idea, don’t even bother with a separate bowl. Put the filling in a zip-lock bag. When you get there, snip a teeny bit off one corner of the bag and sploot your filling in that way. Chuck the bag when you’re done.

May one assume that you’re making enough for everyone? Who reads and responds to this thread?
Pretty please?

I read some suggestions on AllRecipes.com and they all said that you storing the filling in baggies will lead to watery filling. Thoughts on this?

I also didn’t really want to have to make anything (or rather, assemble) anything there, as they have a pretty small kitchen already.

What about melting a big pot of chocolate and just dipping a pizzelle in the chocolate lightly? Like a half of it? That would look spiffy.

And of course there is enough for everyone. Just get thee to central CA and they are yours!

That’s pretty much what I was suggesting. I can’t imagine a sogginess problem, unless you make your pizzelles a lot different than I do.

Ooooh! I thought you meant chocolate frosting. Hence the confusion.

Yeah, I did, too.

Oh…so this isn’t the thread for channeling Snoop Dogg, then? Never mind…

I think you were lead to believe that given he said “frosting” but he doesn’t seem to mean frosting. hmm.

I’ve had great success using the pizzelles and white chocolate to make a giant, mutant sandwich cookie.