What should I get: A new car, or a new motorcycle.

I don’t really need to get either, and I can’t afford to get both. But being a 40 year old kid, I want a new plaything. You know the old saying…“the only difference between men and boys is the price of their toys”.

Here are the facts:

*I have a '95 Harley Sportster custom. It’s chromed to the max, has low miles, and I love it. But when I see some of the new Harleys with bigger engines than mine, on the showroom floor that I can have today, with no wait (this is Milwaukee, by the way) I start drooling and am tempted to get one.

*I own a 94 Ford Tempo GL Sport, with 117K miles. It still looks great for it’s age and miles, and runs perfect. I cannot see why it wouldn’t go another 70,000 miles with no problems. My wife has gotten a brand new car every 2 years for the last decade, in fact, she just got a new Maxima a while ago, but I’ve only had this one because my employer provides me with a vehicle which I’m allowed to use for personal use. So, I don’t really need a new car, but…a Mustang GT would sure satisfy my need for a new toy.

I’ve decided that sometime this summer I’m either going to get: A) new Harley Davidson Low Rider, or B) a New Ford Mustang GT. I’ll be in debt for 3 years with either. But, a man who lives within his means lacks imagination, right?:wink: But which will it be? Help me decide!

Nah, you want a proper motorcycle,

Rumour mill has been working overtime and some photos taken in Aussieland show Triumph testing a full, feet forward, cruiser with the new Bonny engine, it’ll be out fairly soon I think.(sorry couldn’t find any pics on the net)

Cars, PAH! You don’t want to live forever do you ? Stuck in traffic, heart attack in a snarl up, die on a bike, maybe you won’t be in debt for as long as you think.

See - even death can have a positive side.

Yep, another vote for “bugs in ma’ teeth”.

I am in a similar situation. I have had to get a new car about six months ago, and of course everything from payments, insurance etc. went up. I am seriously debating getting rid of my car and getting a motorcycle or motor scooter, because I cannot afford both either. I am planning on taking motorcycle safety course in the next month or so to see how I like it. Since you already have experience on one, I would say, it depends on the climate where you live. If it constantly rains or the weather is generally bad, I would stick with the car, whereas if you have generally nicer outdoor weather (I live in Houston) I would go for the bike. Also, does your city respect non-car transportation? Houston defenitely does not, but other parts of the country are hopefully more tolerant.

My .2 cents-probably worth every penny!!!

What does this mean? Are the cops harassing motorcyclists or what?

My dilema is that if I get a new bike, I’ll have to drive my old car for at least 2 more years, and vice versa if I get the new car. Either way, I’ll always have a car and a motorcycle, the decision is, which one should be brand new?
Of course, one day the last of my children will be out of private high school and/or college. Then I will have more money than I’ll know what to do with and I’ll be able to buy both a new bike and a new car.


i recommend a motorcycle, they’re much cooler!


Sorry, guess I did not read carefully enough, hate when that happens.

As far as I know the cops are not harassing motocyclists, however they do little to encourage or support non-car drivers. And sometimes car drivers seem hostile to motorcycles by driving to close, cutting infront at less than safe distances and the like.

Anyway, I’d still go for the bike, it is more fun to just take a nice ride to nowhere in particular, especially this time of year.