What should I look for in a washing machine?

Well, my washing mashine cacked and so I have to buy a new one, which I mean to effect by looking through the classifieds. Never mind how I’m going to do this while going to school and working an unstable schedule; that’s my problem.

What I need to know is what kind of things I should look for in a used washing machine; that is, how should I keep from getting fleeced. I’ve never made a purchase of this type before. Advice?

Wet clothes?


In this thread there was a link to this site. It’s for buying a new one but probably helps you anyway.
Myself I’d buy one with a low power consumption and low price. I don’t think that superb washing result would be worth the money, my clothes don’t get that dirty. As long as it isn’t decades old and doesn’t make horrible noise (ask for a test run) I think you can’t go very much wrong.

Dammit, smeg, you got in there before I did…

Go for energy efficiency and a fast sping speed. The faster the spin speed, the less wet the clothes will be when you take them out. Definitely ask to see a test run.

  1. Get a unit that you believe has been in continuous use. You do not want a unit that has been sitting around unused for a long time, even if it’s “good.”

  2. Stay away from units with membrane keypads, LCD readouts, and/or microcontrollers.

  3. Keep it simple! Stay away from the “deluxe” units that have 15 different modes of operation. Stick with the basic, “no-frills” units.

  4. All else being equal, I would rather buy from someone on “city water” than from someone on a well.

  5. All else being equal, I would rather buy from someone who has a water softener than from someone who doesn’t.

  6. If it looks good, make a deal with them: Bring a load of laundry over, and tell them you will buy it if it successfully goes through one complete run without any problems. Sit beside the unit the entire time it is running, noting any unusual noises or characteristics. (Bring a good book or homework.) Set the unit for full capacity and warm water. Verify the water is warm.

And make sure you use stainless-steel braided waterlines when you connect it at your place.

For reliability and bang for the buck, I highly recommend the “Frige-more” front load washers. They were originally made and designed by Electrolux but built in the US by Frigidaire. They are sold as the Frigidaire Gallery, Kenmore Front loader, and G.E. markets one.

Note: I would never recommend a GE appliance generally but since it just has their name on them and not actually built by them its OK.

These things seem to last forever and people cling to them, but if you can find one used grab it up.

Low water and power usage, low soap/bleach/softener usage, stainless drum and a 900–>1000RPM spin speed. Your clothes are almost dry when you get them out of the washer. The Kenmore version is generally regarded as the better of the 3 since it has the higher spin RPM.

PLUS - It has a WINDOW so you can watch it work!!! That was the main selling feature with me.

Look for one of my black socks, please–it went missing the first time I washed it.

If it’s used, get a long warrentee cause those things are heavy. I like the new ones from Sears, they bring them to your house & you get an energy rebate!

I got a used one at the GW thrift shop in August, they always charge $59 for them & dryers too. Works great.