What should I see/do in Philadelphia?

Next week I’m headed up to Philadelphia to visit my brother. We’re definitely going to the Mutter Museum. Other than that, what I should I make sure to see and do while up there?


What do you want to see? Since you’ll be downtown, run up to the Parkway museums; the Franklin Institute, Academy of Sciences, Rodin Museum, the Art Museum. The Free Library is very interesting.

A lof of folks like the Constitution Center. I went there myself and was a bit underwhelmed. I thought there were be more historical items on display its more or less stuff for the kiddies to play with.

Some possibilities:

[ul][li]Art Museum (the Wyeth exhibit goes through 7/16)[/li][li]The Franklin Institute[/li][li]Walk along the River Drives[/li][li]Stroll back Valley Green in Fairmount Park, and feed the ducks on the Creek[/li][li]Get a cheesesteak at D’Allesandro’s (Henry Avenue)[/li][li]Eat at the Imperial Inn in Chinatown (go for the dim sum on Sunday morning)[/li][li]Go clubbing down on Delaware Avenue on the waterfront[/li]Watch Jaws at Penn’s Landing on Thursday (or see the “Sounds of R&B” on Friday)[/ul]

I loved the Constitution Center. To each his own, I guess.

Pat’s and Gino’s are the classic places to eat cheese steaks for visitors.

The Art Museum is a must. Even if you don’t know much about art, it’s still very worthwhile to visit.

Walk around the Italian Market and get some cannoli.

Last time I went to Philly, I stumbled across the mother church of the African Methodist Episcopal church. Turns out it’s the oldest piece of property continuously owned by African-Americans in this country. I got a free private guided tour of the place by an extremely nice and knowledgable woman. The church is very beautiful and has an interesting history. Try to see it if you can.

Philly’s a great city with a good feel to it. You’ll find a lot to do; have a good time.

Just stroll through the Old City District. It’s very cool to explore.

A lot of folks do. Nothing wrong with that.

I just thought there would be exhibits of historical information on the writing the Constitution. The show and the interactive exhibits are fun for a lot of folks. Its certainly good if you have kids, because it keeps them interested what could be potentially very dry stuff.

What’s there? The world’s largest collection of mumbles, ramblings, asides, and sotto-voces?

Renting the little headsets is included in your admission.

You have a point. I visited the place with our Boy Scout troop. There was enough “dry” stuff for me, enough “flashy” stuff for them.

While you’re running around Old City, make sure you check out Ben Franklin’s house, on Market between 3rd and 4th.

I’d offer to organize a Doper dinner, but I’m going to be in Wyoming next week. If you’re still around next weekend, Gettysdope (huge annual picnic out in Gettysburg) will be on Saturday the 15th.

We just returned from a wonderful five days there, hi Twix! From my experience, you’ll never run out of interesting things to do and see.

Stroll South street and check out all the cool murals and mosaics, they photograph better in daylight if you don’t mind looking all touristy with the camera. Plenty of people watching and tons of funky shops to browse through.

Cross the Ben Franklin bridge and hit the Battleship NJ , do the old city historic tour, eat fabulous italian food at Amici’s on Erie street, take a drive and see Brandywine Valley, there’s a metric assload of interesting stuff to do in and around Philly.

If you can’t decide on a place to eat, try Main Street in Manayunk. Lots of good restaurants (and shops).

If the weather is nice, a bike ride or a walk through Fairmount Park can be very pleasant.

As a prelude to the Franklin Institute, you might wanna read Walter Isaacson’s biography of Ben Franklin. The man was awesome.

(Franklin, not Isaacson)

Be sure to see Eastern State Pennitentiary, classified as an “historical ruin.” It’s not quite as kept-up as an historical monument, but it demonstrates some of the ideals and problems with modern penal theory. Plus it’s Steve Buscemi’s voice on the headseet tour.

The Rodin Museum
Giovanni’s Room (long-lived gay bookstore)

Out of town a little way:
Longwood Gardens
Brandywine River Museum

Definitely eat at least one cheesesteak.

Thanks, guys! I appreciate all the great tips. I will definitely check out the art museum. Fairmount Park also sounds good.

Beware of Doug, the Mutter Museum is also known as the museum of medical oddities. Two-headed babies in jars, etc. Or so I hear.

Sadly, the Mutter museum is no longer free. :frowning: But even with the fee it is still worth it.

Go get a cheesesteak. Don’t bother with the Pat vs. Ginos nonsense, you can get a better one from the pizza places on every corner.

Olde City is really hip and has loads of neat restaraunts.

the u of p archeo. musuem is rather good. just across the river from mutter.

if you head in to centre city, reading terminal is an interesting place to eat. amish are there from thurs. - sat… there is an old fire station at juniper and race that has nifty firefighter gargoyles. they are gonna tear down the station for the convention centre expansion. so see them while you can.

elfreth’s alley is nifty and the tour of the house there is quite interesting.

Agree with this completely. They’re for the tourists.