What shows would you like to see on iTunes?

Now that iTunes allows downloads of Lost, Desperate Housewives and NightStalker for $1.99, it seems that the next wave of technology designed to take money out of my pocket is to have just about every TV show available for download.

They even have an iPod now with decent resolution to play the shows.

Of course, the selection is limited, but it will grow just as the song selections has grown.

It means that you may never have to kick yourself because you missed a show or your DVR/VCR didn’t catch it.

What shows would you like to see on iTunes? What shows would you pay $1.99 to see if you missed?

A few for me:

Arrested Development
Justice League
I also hope that the sites that podcast their shows will convert to this format. I’d love to have Meet the Press on my iPod.

The Daily Show

The Apprentice [Donald]

PBS Documentaries

A second vote for The Daily Show.

And to indulge my inner geek, the option to pick a la carte reruns of the various Star Trek franchises. I don’t want a complete season boxed set, just a few specific episodes.

I was going to say The Daily Show, but now that I think about it, 2$ seems a little steeper then I can justify for 20 minutes of entertainment that I could tape for free (well, minus cost of cable if it’s not a network show) if I remember to set my VCR/TIVO. It’s only 3.50 for a 3hr movie, or a DVD with multiple epidsodes of a TV show through my local movie rental place.

This business model isn’t going to fly unless they bring down the price, or better yet, create a monthly all-you-can-eat plan.

How about $35 for one season’s unlimited subscription? Download last night’s The Daily Show every morning for the commute, kind of like a fee-based podcast?

I’d pay for Rescue Me, especially if season one is available, since we didn’t start watching til season two. If The Wire ever comes back, I’d take that, too.

Battlestar Galactica
Stargate SG-1
Pinky and the Brain

If you have Comedy Central, you could quite possibly catch the Daily Show when they repeat it at 12pm central time. Or the next morning. Comedy Central repeats their shit all the time.

If it was cheaper than 2 bucks an ep, I’d like to see them get House. I just started getting into it and I want to see the first season.

Scrubs too. I used to watch it religiously but I don’t evne know when it’s on anymore. I’d like to be able to catch up with that too. Great show.

But I don’t want to pay for a new iPod so I don’t care that much…I’m not even sure if I ever want a video iPod.

Veronica Mars!! (because they’re not airing it here in Canada.)


Pretty much any HBO Show for me.

The Simpsons
South Park

I’d also like to see them offer a full catalog of old/canceled shows, especially ones that didn’t last long enough to get a DVD (like Cupid).

For what it’s worth, I just looked at the Audible.com site. They’re charging $3.95 per episode of Car Talk. I’m willing to pay 1.99 for video, and .99 for audio. Somebody appears to be willing to pay $3.95 per episode for a radio program, but it’s not me.

The only thing that comes to mind is maybe the Simpsons Halloween show. Everything else I can catch with repeats, or even miss, before I spend even 2 bucks.