What Sinatra CD has...

“Luck Be a Lady Tonight”




that song that goes, “It’s a quarter to three / There’s no one in the place…” (Is it just called “Quarter to Three”?

I’ve been looking on Amazon with no luck.

Well, the third song is"One for my baby".

This one has all three, but it has Sammy singing One for my Baby.

Karaoke. Not helpful.

Boston Pops. Also not helpful.

Good luck; this seems like a tricky one…

This one’s close–it has songs 1 & 3, plus “My Kind of Town”, which is another Chicago song (and one he recorded much more frequently).

Well, from consulting his full Discography, we discover the problem is that he recorded those 3 songs for 3 different recording studios: Capitol, Columbia, and Reprise. Therefore, because of licensing issues, you’re more likely to see Sinatra collections organized around his individual studio output (like here, here, and here) than you are ones that dip quite liberally into a cross-section of the three.

Now, I did find one box set that had all three songs, but that was spread across four discs. I’m afraid the OP may be hoping for something that doesn’t exist (at least legally).

I would wager your best bet may be an import (but then you might as well buy two individual discs that cover both songs with little overlap).