What site to stream cable tv online?

I stream a lot of sports events online and watch it. However, what sites allow you to stream sites like cnbc, usa, tbs etc?

I checked and there is sites like stream2watch but do you have to install java updates and those programs in order to watch it?

Stream2watch sounds of dubious legality to me. They have a disclaimer on their website that says, “stream2watch.me is not responsible for the legality of the content of other linked sites.” It may be against forum rules to give you any advice on how to use it. Of course, IANAL and IANASDMB mod.

Legally, there will be nothing that does what you want without paying a fee. Are you still interested? If so, this board won’t be able to answer your question.

Moderator Note

The only legal sites that allow you to stream content from CBS, CNBC, etc. are those sites and the sites like Netflix and Hulu that they make arrangements with (often only for certain shows).

The vast majority of other streaming sites are not legal and therefore cannot be discussed here. Also, those “updates” that the sites often want you to install are really malware.

Since there are other sites like Hulu that have legal streaming content available I will allow this thread to remain open, but let’s keep the discussion limited to legal sites or this will be closed.

If you are in an area where you get over the air reception and are in certain markets you may be able to use a paid service called Aereo.

Another one that may help is Slingbox, which does require a legit cable subscription but allows you to remotely access it. This may be of use if you have a home with cable but staying not at home (such as on a vacation, etc.)

I believe both of these are legal, but do charge a fee.

Your cable provider may allow you to watch programs online. Check their website.

Mine for example (Optimum) allows two things for no added fee:[ul][]Every single channel that I get on my cable box can also be watched on my phone, provided that I am close enough to home that I’m using my own wi-fi. But for some reason, this works only on my phone, not the pc.[]They also have deals with some cable channels to allow me to watch selected channels from any pc or phone. Google “hbo go” or “showtime anytime” for more info.[/ul]

Are there any sites that let you watch a live stream of HBO?

HBO Go lets you watch HBO programs. Not live, but the same programs as are showing that month on HBO.

It’s worth noting that you can only get HBO Go if you are already an HBO subscriber on a regular cable/dish provider.

Of course. HBO doesn’t want to cannibalize its cable subscription base. But I’ve heard that HBO is considering offering HBO Go as a separate paid subscription service.

Damn near every cable channel has their own website with viewable content on it.

I’m still able to watch Chris Hayes on MSNBC.com

(Although it would be nice if they played the damn segments in order.)

Also, note that most streamed content is “on demand” and not necessarily live. As noted, Aereo is a live service. There are also apps for smartphones that will stream networks like CNN and ESPN in real time, but you need a cable subscription and wi-fi for those.

Aereo is only for over the air channels (Fox, CBS, etc.), not cable channels.

Currently HBO doesn’t care if people share their HBO GO accounts. The CEO of HBO said they hope to gain exposure and get new subscribers this way. They may change their minds later though as soon as they have enough new “addicts.”

The catch is you have to find someone who currently has HBO… has an HBO GO account… trusts you enough to share their User Name, Password, and Cable Provider. If you get that you are good to go.

Actually, they may not even need to share their username and password with you. Some cable systems allow you to create secondary/additional/subaccounts. So if you know someone with HBO, that may be an option.

I’m aware of that. I didn’t say you need a cable subscription to use Aereo, just for the CNN and ESPN smartphone apps.

If you have a brokerage account in the USA, many of them have access to free streaming of CNBC, no cable subscription required. Just ask your brokerage firm.

The question of legality is murky. Have there been judgements in any jurisdiction relating to the legality? For example if a server in Moldova puts up a site that is legal under Moldova law, and I figure out a way to view it, is it clear that anybody has done anything illegal? Or is there simply a presumption that it is illegal because the defenders of their property rights have loudly proclaimed that it is so, and threatened prosecution, without a precedent to back up their claim? What if my friend in Moldova accesses the program legally, and relays it to me on a cellphone? What is the difference?

I understand the moderator’s position and the need to defend this forum from litigation, but I think it is a fair question.