What software do you use for sheet music (or similar) on gigs?

I’ve been using Deep Dish Gigbook, but it’s old and clunky and I’m thinking something newer must be better.

I just learn the songs.

Some of us are getting old enough to have memory issues and need a bit of technological help.


I know several musicians who use this, including several Broadway guys.

Here’s a great breakdown of apps like this (though it is a few years out of date):

MobileSheets it has some interesting library organization features. I like the annotation feature. Allows me to mark up the sheet music.

I haven’t used the organization feature. Just imported my pdf’s and used them. I probably should organize by artist.

They have a trial version.

Me too. It’s not a hill I will die on, but I feel it looks rather unprofessional for someone playing popular music in a band to have a music stand in front of them.

…or it can look very professional - as in a stand-in musician who’s sight reading.

Hehehe, I normally don’t use sheet music either. Though when the surf band I was in covered The Plugz’ “Reel Ten”, I’d write the changes down on my set list so I could review it before we played it. I couldn’t get that one to stick in my head long term. The second half is odd and meander-y.

I wouldn’t disagree. There are situations where it is necessary and appropriate.
Such as an accompanist who has to work with unfamiliar material that is presented to them by a singer or soloist.

I was thinking more of a situation where a band is playing their normal repertoire.

How would you feel if you went to a play and the actors were reading from scripts?

I don’t think it’s a big deal. If you’re a rock band or whatever, maybe that’d be odd. But like a professional wedding or even band? Not unusual. I’ve been to weddings (as a photographer) where I’ve seen the receipts and bands getting paid $10k-$15k, half the musicians at least are using sheet music in one form or another.