What Song is played on the 24 Trailers for the 5th Season ?

I need to ask this now, cause I will be watching 24 tonight.

What is that song that plays on the commercial for 24 … I can make out

“”… say that I want you…""

But thats all I know.

What song is this ?

and yes it did JUST play on Fox.

I didn’t see the trailer, but having googled the lyric snippet I’m guessing it is “I Want You” by PULP.

Two quick lyric snippets:

“I couldn’t make a sentence, / I couldn’t even say / what I meant to say:
that I want you / (it doesn’t hurt to say I want you), I need you
(I never thought I’d say I need you)”


“Yes, / yes, you’re all, yes you’re all that I ever desire,
still I’ll kill you in the end.”

I seems rather appropriate. Hope that’s what you’re looking for.

“Relax. He’s really good at this.”


Oops. Sorry. Wrong thread.

Hey, did you guys know there’s a season five prequel? I’m sure my Dad doesn’t so I grabbed it for him.

As for the song, is it possible it’s the song written for the show named after Jack? I haven’t heard it, but Adrenachrome wrote it “Bauer”. It might be spelled Adrenochrome, instead.

elfkin477 that prequel was from the season 4 DVD.

Ah, okay. I haven’t bought him season 4 yet, just 1-3, so it works out. :slight_smile:

“Clubfoot” by Kasabian.

I think you’re right. (The only reason I know the song is because it was a free download one week off iTunes.)

No kidding? Now that you mention it I noticed that song was in a commerical last night and didn’t pick up on what the ad was for.

Clubfoot it is. thanks