What Song? Neil Diamond Sang It Too Slow

I’m hoping someone can just remember this off the top of their head… One of the songs Neil Diamond sang “back in the day”, one that got a lot of airplay, he sang… very… slow… in… half… speed… as… if… he… got… the… beat… wrong.

Can you remember which one that might have been?

If not, I’ll have a little listening party by myself when I get the chance.

‘Song sung blue?’
Sinatra covers it with a bit of a clip. Diamonds is slower.

Possibly September Morn?

Diamond may sing that one a bit slower, but it sounds right, or at least not wrong, and it sounds like the same song. The song I’m remembering was oddly distorted by the way he changed it. Like he had made a regrettable decision while drunk to change the entire feel of the song, and unaccountably stuck with it even when he was sober again.

That’s a slow song, but it fits as a slow song. The problematic song would sound better if you sang it literally twice as fast as he did.

(Imagine “Jump” by Van Halen, sung as slowly as “September Morn” - that’s the kind of problem I mean. A song he ruined by asking the band to play half speed.)

Hmph… Just watch, I’ll be sort of right except for it wasn’t Neil Diamond, or something like that. :slight_smile:

Probably too obvious, but “Slow it Down?”

Hello Again” makes me want to kick him to speed up a little.

“Sweet Caroline”

He seems to fall behind the music during the “hand, holding hand… reaching out… touching… me… touch… ing… you…” part

You don’t have to imagine!


Holly Holy seems a bit slow to me.

I Am . . . I Said

Ask the chair what it thinks.

I did, but I don’t think it heard.


Perhaps I’m a Believer? Neil wrote it as a slow song but it became a pop hit by The Monkees.

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You don’t have to imagine!


Hah! Thought of that, too. Great cover!

That would be my guess, too.

Hey! I found it!

It doesn’t strike me as quite so dramatically wrong as the first time I heard him sing it, but still, Mr. Diamond, this one was bad judgment for sure:

The Last Thing On My Mind
(Compare with Tom Paxton who wrote the song, or with most of the many others who’ve sung it over the years.)
Diamond’s version makes the whole song sound like a Shatner monologue. :slight_smile:

Well, at least the wonder mutt and I got the right album, just the wrong song. :slight_smile:

(Never had the album, never heard the song. I’ll check it out sometime later to see just how slow he sings it.)

Wow, that was slow. This song got airplay, how exactly? I love Neil Diamond (at least up to about 1972), but jeez, I gave up on this song about halfway through.

^ I tried to listen to some of the “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” soundtrack last night for comparison. I didn’t get far, at all. Yeesh!