What sort of brain damage would you volunteer for?

Is there any sort of brain damage or other neurological deficit that you believe you’d find agreeable?

Personally, I don’t think I’d mind some modest damage to my ventromedial prefrontal cortex. It seems to mediate emotional reactions to social interaction, including morality judgments. People with damage to this part of their brain appear to reason their way to moral judgments, rather than reaching an emotional conclusion. That sounds useful. Cite: No harm, no foul | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

What about you guys?

(Note: This is, obviously, just a thought experiment. I’ve no intention of damaging my brain. I even named it - Squishy!)

That’s a very interesting study - on a few levels. It makes me wonder if other issues of morality around which we make judgments might also prove to be a deficiency or deformity of the ventromedial prefrontal cortex.

For example: would someone who cheats on a spouse, but claims there is no harm to the spouse if they don’t know about the cheating, actually have a subtle difference in their VPC from others? As in, “what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her”.

I’m always interested in these studies as I have MS with a significant lesion lode in my brain. I’ve been fascinated by ‘brain injury’ sites that speak to what damage in an area of the brain affects various functions.

The short answer to your question is that I wouldn’t have volunteered for any sort of brain damage - but the study is fascinating nonetheless.

I’ve sold plasma and been a normal control for many studies. I would probably sell semen. I would sell CSF if the price was right. But brain damage? What, do I look retarded? No thanks.

I would volunteer to kill off a bunch of my brain cells, if you’re buying the drinks.

Does synaesthesia count as brain damage? Probably not.

Actually, it appear to impair moral judgment; they appear to be unable to regard attempted murder as a bad thing, only a successful murder.

As for me; I’m too inhibited in such situations, and too picky about food; if a little subtle damage would reduce those factors by weakening the brain tissue responsible I’ve consider it. And I’ve heard of that sort of thing happening due to disease and such. Doing it in a controlled fashion would be the problem; like destroying a carefully calculated amount of thyroid tissue to deal with an overactive thyroid. And it would be good if they could regrow brain tissue in case they screwed up.

Interestingly, it appears that the effect can be duplicated by magnetic fields to at least some degree, without the need for destroying brain tissue. It only lasts as long as the field is applied, however.

Humm - occasionally I’ve longed for a nice dissociative fugue somewhere warm just to have a bit of a break.

I volunteer for the kind of brain damage that makes me not feel nagging persistent pain. I get it! My knee is damaged! I’m still going to use it, I don’t need to be reminded every 5 minutes.

Nope. It’s considered a harmless neurological variance, not a defect.

I’m left-handed. According to some scientists that means I’m already minimally brain damaged; unfortunately, as insulting a theory as it is my birth was so tramatic that I was given O2 before I was completely delivered, so I can’t say that they’re totally off base with that idea. I recommend it to people who are worried about the damage causing a serious impact to their lives. At worst it’s kind of annoying when you try to use things made for righties.

There are times when I wish I were deaf, but I’m not volunteering for permanent deafness. If there were a pill that made one deaf for 8 hours, though, I’d be less frustrated and much more productive at work.

Some part of me wishes that I could have the form of brain damage that can unleash some other hidden talent, such as drawing or musical ability. Me, I would go for damage that would let me play the piano by ear, but would leave enough of the current me intact so that I could enjoy it.

It would be an awful world if everyone thought the same way. It would blow a hole in the tapestry.

If there’s an area that factors risk taking, that’d be fun to damage. My insurance would help pay for the occasional broken bones and stitches, and as far as finical risks, I could only be doing worse if I were addicted to gambling or buying into scams. Who knows what kind of life one would have with a lot less cowardice and a lot more brass. It could end very badly, but it may well not, and the ride won’t be mediocre.

Nnnow, yuuuu tell meh.

Is there a part of the brain that listens to rap and hip-hop?

Something that’d allow my brain to produce more serotonin, I suppose. Though that’s not as viscerally satisfying as finding the one part of my brain where the anxiety disorder resides and stabbing it to death, not unlike the guy in Saving Private Ryan.

How about the type of injury that would give you a cool accent? Maybe a British Received Pronunciation accent, or English South African. Nothing like Newfie or Glaswegian, please.

Anything that would stop my clinical depression.
I would happily accept anything up to and including vegetable state,but not death.

Could I lose that part that causes sleep? I could do fine by not sleeping anymore-it is like being dead, anyways.

“Can you hear me? I don’t want this any more! I want to call it off!”