What sort of legal stuff was Angry Lurker referring to?

In this here post about his cleaner, that is. I know we’re not supposed to talk about banned/suspended posters; I’m just wondering if anyone knows how the thread could have gotten him into legal trouble.

You know. Legal stuff. With lawyers and laws and courts. That sort of thing.
(I have no idea. Libel suits?)

May I just ask why, if you have no idea, you felt the need to post?

I think it was because he suggested he was filming the cleaner going about her business (and of course incanting spells) and he felt that without her permission, telling us what she was up to based on the footage would cause him legal problems.

Awesome username/post content synergy.

I too think it might have to do with laws and courts. That sort of thing. But I also have no idea.

I think her implication was that he was just making stuff up. Presumably he can’t get into any trouble for secretly taping the cleaner unless she posts here and puts two and two together.

When I first saw the post cited in the OP, I conflated the thread in which it appeared with another thread about rights of illegals to complain about employer actions (in which a hypothetical was posed about a cleaning woman being sexually harassed, and what her options would be) and thought that was the “legal matter” Angry Lurker was referring to. It took a few moments for me to get that straightened out in my head, since it was the first mention of any legal issue in Angry Lurker’s thread.

No you may not.

Speaking as moderator: I don’t know that any of us staff have any clue. When he’s back, you’d need to ask him what he meant.

Please leave the moderating to the moderators.

If you take exception to any post, please report the post instead.



I would like to apologise to members of this forum, and the staff of the SDMB in particular, for my conduct leading up to my suspension. Some of it was clearly unacceptable and the staff have been lenient in their actions.

I will now post only when I feel it is absolutely necessary. I shall, in fact, be an angry lurker - but hopefully also a contented one with complete faith in the ability of the volunteers here.

And a sincere Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all :slight_smile:

So did she put a curse on you on or not?

Apparently it was a curse to get him suspended. :smiley:

At least it came with a free Frogurt!

(Welcome back :))

This thread seems finished.