What sort of name is "Varsha Sabhnani ?"

I will save you the Google. The story is of the sentencing of Varsha Sabhnani to 11 in the Greystone Hotel (and her husband Mahender Sabhnani, to 5 years) on charges of slavery. The case is simply heart-breaking.

The papers describe the pair as millionaires who their money in perfume. They are Indians of Indonesian origin (who live on Long Island, for the trifecta).

The papers are too polite to mention it. I want to know. Are these two more likely Muslims or Hindus?


Sounds Persian or Hindi to me. Her husband’s name is Mahender, which makes me think Hindi is more likely.

Thank you. Any others?

Definitely Indian. Mahender sounds very Punjabi to me - if it was a Hindi name it would have been Mahendra, I guess.

More likely to be Hindu. Varsha means rain, and Mahender is maha- (great) followed by the Hindu god Indra. Traditionally in Hindi it would be Mahendra, but you will often find Jains who spell it Mahendar. I see his middle name is Murlidhar, which makes him definitely of Hindu origin.

I agree it’s a strange and bizarrely cruel story. It almost defies belief that people would be that screwed up, but I don’t know why I’m surprised each time.

My mind always wanders down the path of “How many other cases are undiscovered?”

Yeah… that’s right… those fn dirty Hindus. Muslims in Saudi Arabia would never do this.
Lol, what is the OP trying to get out of the answer?

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I recall reading coverage in which Ms. Sabhnani was accused of religious taunts. Something to the effect of “I’m Hindu, you’re Muslim, neener neener.”

From the New York Times:

Right – the rule of thumb is that if an Indian name ends in “-ani,” it’s Sindhi, and probably Hindu. I don’t know if Muslims from Sindh have similar names, or if their last names are more standard Islamic names.

I was going by the first names. The locals here use a rather small number of first names. But for all I know (knew) Muslims from India or Indonesian origins might use other first names.