What team has won the most championships overall (any sport)

Early candidates are Scottish football giants Celtic and Rangers.

Both teams have won 50+ Scottish league championships and I imagine between those, Scottish cups, and other silverware both teams must have at least 75 championships under their belts.

I know soccer fans will tell you Scotland is these two teams and everybody else, but you have to admit that is decades of sustained domination by these two clubs.

Got anyone better?

According to this site, it’s Rangers, with Celtic in #2. Bringing up third place is Juventus, then Real Madrid, then Yorkshire CCC (cricket), then Bayern Munich, and then the NY Yankees.

Most succesful sports teams across global sports leagues | Stadium Maps (stadium-maps.com)

This will be tougher to answer by the fact that some teams can only win one possible championship (an NFL team can only win the Super Bowl but nothing else, for instance,) whereas some teams can win multiple various things (a team like Real Madrid could win the Copa del Rey, La Liga, Supercopa and Champions League.)

Not sure if they are called championships, but maybe the 84 wins by Cambridge University Boat Club in the annual Cambridge-Oxford boat race?

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Meanwhile, Harvard beat Yale 95 times in their annual race.

Just for some background for the North American centric crowd

  • MLB - Yankees 27
  • NFL Superbowl - Steelers/Patriots 6
  • NFL Championships - Packers 13
  • NBA - Celtics/Lakers 17
  • NHL - Canadiens 24
  • MLS - Galaxy 5

The Australia 1st class cricket is played between the states, commencing in 1892.
15 years after Australia’s first Test (international) match.
The competition is known as the Sheffield Shield with various commercial naming rights.

In the 118 seasons played NSW has won 47 titles, next best is Victoria with 32.
Of 877 games played by NSW they have won 43%, drawn 29% and lost 28%

Thanks We are not limited to “major” leagues either. I am betting there is a club from some low profile soccer league that has won more than 54 titles . . . .

As for major soccer leagues in North America, the original New York Cosmos also had 5 NASL titles, meanwhile the San Diego Sockers won the MISL/NASL Indoor championship 8 times in 9 seasons.

I think in most national soccer leagues, the team would be promoted to a superior division, and thus stop winning championships. Most of the world’s soccer leagues began in the 20th century, so not sure if there are enough years to get to that many.

US won the America’s Cup from 1851 to 1983. That’s the longest winning streak in sports.

The reason I think it would be difficult for anyone to challenge the record of the Scottishb soccer is that the tournament has been going since 1890 and has throughout its history been utterly dominated by 2 teams.

Over the kinds of timespans involved here, it might also be nontrivial to define “same team”.

How many times was it contested though? Off the top of my head I don’t think this was held every year.

25 times in those years. The Aussies won on the 26th defense in 1983. Since then the US has won 5 more times, for a total of 30 US wins out of 36 races. The 37th defense is underway and the US is already eliminated.

Linfield in Northern Ireland are also on 54 (and currently on top of the league), including titles won in the pre-partition era.