What temperatures is this silicone oven mitt good for?

I received a gift silicone oven mitt like the one found here: http://ijshome.com.mt/textiles/kitchen/oven-gloves/mesovenmo-meliconi-silicone-oven-mitt-orange.html

I can’t find any info regarding what temperature is too high for such a glove.

The material may survive temperatures greater than 200C, but from experience the inside of the mitt gets too hot to use at lower temperatures than that. So, the temperature is limited by heat conduction and how much heat your hand can withstand.

Agreed, if the mitt is insulated, you may get higher temp protection, but I remember a forensic science based novel that had silicone material fusing to bodies at about 600F (318C).

I have a pair of silicone pot holders, and while they look significantly thicker than your mitt, I’ve never even felt a change of temperature through them - and I’ve used them to hold some pretty hot stuff.