what "tension" is being relieved by massage

In this thread, some strange statements were made and I was hoping that someone could explain them to me.
What is the tension being referred to in these posts, and in general, whenever I hear people use the words massage and tension together. I decided to post a new thread so as not to hijack the other.

I think there’s a lot of bs in this kneading to reduce tension or about circulation.

But basically, a massage relaxes you. When you relax, your muscles, which are always somewhat contracted, release. I think ‘tension’ is just something the messus notices because he’s the one feeling up your muscles. It has no direct connection to anything, except as a sign of how relaxed you are.

P.S. funny thing about ‘muscle tension’ is that it’s also pretty much the same thing as ‘tone’, which is the firm, bulky muscles you get after working out. Difference, tho, is that a lot of tone in your shoulders or other places where you tense up often makes you look worse (which is just as true if you focus too much on the wrong muscles in your workout).