What terrorist groups or states (cf. Libya/Lockerbie) have an in for Malaysia?

See subject. Obviously asked since day 1 after the recent plane disintegration.

Well, there was an al-Qaeda group operating in Indonesia. I don’t know how effective they are these days. Also, given the large number of Chinese on board, there is the possibility of some group having it in for China, perhaps the Uighurs, or since we are speculating wildly, the Dalai Lama himself (the 12th son of the Lama, the flowing robes, the grace…).

Malaysia has been the home for several Islamic fundamentalist groups. And there’s alway the chance that a rogue Uighur dissident group (or an agent provocateur wishing to see them blamed) might have attacked this flight. It’s surprising that plain,old-fashioned CRIME hasn’t been seen as a motive for this.

After all, Pablo Escobar, the deceased Colombian drug baron, ordered an aircraft to destroyed when he was alive. And while that was considered to be “terrorism” it was more a criminal demonstrating how powerful that he was at the time. Perhaps this is a similar situation.



Indonesia used to be a far more ‘Western’ neutral, Islamic nation than you see today. It was the Bali bombings and the misinformation surrounding the trials that followed, which were exploited by those wishing to militantize an otherwise peaceful nation. Many in Indonesia feel this was orchestrated by Saudi fundamentalists.

Malaysia is another mostly peaceful and Western neutral Islamic nation, in many regards. Many, in more militant and aggressive fundamentalist Islamic circles would like to see a similar shift in Malaysia.

‘In country’ terrorism seemed to have worked in Indonesia to shift the culture towards fundamentalism. There was even a movement to ban bikinis on Bali!

malaysia has a really high percent of muslims(so ive heard).so yeah,maybe someone wanted to allah ackbar his way to 72 virgins that day

Actually, it’s just as likely (meaning not likely at all, but still possible) that it’s self-appointed representatives of one of Malaysia’s NON-Muslim citizen groups (Indian descent – about 9% of population; or Chinese descent, about 28% of population, IIRC), who are responsible. Both groups are legally discriminated against (rather mildly, but still) by the ethnic Malay majority (which controls most of government); these ethnic Malays have historically been economically disadvantaged compared to most ethnic Chinese and some ethnic Indians, and have been trying to even out these differences through strong affirmative action policies.